May 18th, 2005


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to tofu_cat!

Profound exhaustion - almost took a personal day. Also nausea, visionweird. Little clumsy.

Breast lump is still bugging me - firm hugs and rolling over in bed have sometimes been painful. Must make appointment today.

I may have nice pictures of docorion to post soon. I mean, I already have the pics. I just need permission to post 'em.

I want it to be Memorial Day weekend already so I can be hanging out with avivasedai!

Also because I'm going to have two straight weeks of not one second alone - Elayna's school lets out on Friday, and we don't go to Florida til June 2. I love my daughter, but she's high-maintenance, so that's two weeks of very little rest and writing and Getting Things Done.

Want to talk about my secret, dammit.