May 17th, 2005


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to fellow Kilt Inspector ydnic!

Hello to new reader salamandyr!

Exhaustion, visionweird (earlier).

Did You Miss Me?
The university's 'net connection was down. Which was doubly frustrating because I also use the 'net for actual work! So no reading or posting here, so e-mail - and no way to process travel reimbursements or registrations or do my new work-project. Oy.

Am home now, though. *nod*


The only thing that sucks about having docorion in town is that, when he's here, I thoroughly neglect my house-stuff. And Adam and Elayna, um, have different standards than I do. So the house devolves into The Mess From Hell, which takes time and energy to catch up on, make habitable again. And, due to major physical activity when docorion's here, I have to get caught up on energy, too. So by the time I get enough energy back to realy get the house back in shape...

He's back!

Considering that he's been here three weeks out of the past two months. And that I was in Boston one of the weekends he wasn't here.

So I'm constantly playing catch-up, which is wearying.

He says that, as he is part of my everyday life, I shouldn't feel the need to neglect my everyday life just because he's here. Which is true. But I just want to maximize every minute with him, you know? I don't want to waste DocOrion-time on, saying, laundry.

End result - my house looks like crap. A little better right now, as I did some tidying this afternoon while I was on hold, but crap nonetheless, and I'm way behind on all of my Projects and general chores. And I'm less exhausted today then yesterday, but I'm still worn out.

I need to

a) do house-stuff while docorion is here, as he is part of my everyday life, really, and
b) train Adam and Elayna to pick up after themselves; a bit part of the pigstyishness of the house is that If I Put Elayna's Stuff Away For Her, She'll Never Learn and the like. (Not talking about, say, laundry; I'm home more than Adam, so I should do laundry. And the like. But Adam's huge towering stack of Stuff on the dining room table? His stuff.)

And yes, I'm kvetching about not having time to do house-stuff... while I'm on the computer. Heh. I will go now.
Short Chick - khaosworks


We TiVoed Gilmore Girls. The season finale.

The WB ran it long.

We are missing the end of the episode.

Can someone get me the file? (Adam says "ask for the file".) We need to know what happened!

WB = pigfuckers. No - pigfelchers.
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