May 16th, 2005



Happy birthday to daenarys!

Hello to new readers meeaparkins and shoepixie!

Happy Graduation Day to jet_li_wannabe, arachne8, demetria23, idolfan74, khammer, sarazane13, and anyone else who's graduating today!

Taking pills now.

EDIT: Tongue tingly, balance weird, vision tunnelly. Moderately nauseous.

Yeah. Graduation Day.
Graduation Day = leaving for work half an hour early, enduring hellish traffic, fighting for parking, etc. I really have no clue why we're required to be here today. This stresses us out and pisses us off every year.

Leavin' On A Jet Plane
docorion should, even now, be at the airport.

I won't see him again til at least midJune.

I'm still too vibratey with stress and needing-to-find-food to fully register the loss, but it's coming.

Monster in the Basement
I have a thryn, and you do not! She is sleeping in my basement, and plans to whisk me off for lunch. *nod* And she let me rip tons of her CDs to my iTunes. Yay.

And, um, now I go eat a bagel. *nod*

The continued girlification of Shadesong

As of yesterday, I have a skincare regimen. Um, cleanser and toner and stuff. I made the clerk at Origins write everything down in order so I remember what I'm supposed to do.

Because I'm old. And the Trileptal dehydrates me like crazycakes. So now? Moisturizer. Fancy moisturizer, at docorion's insistence.

And a luscious lacey corset-lookin' camisole and skirt at Anthropologie - I just looked online, but they don't seem to have 'em online. Ah well. You shall just have to see them in person, should you ever see me in person.

And docorion has discovered the pain that is shopping with me - namely, the fact that no one makes things in my size. Most of the size 0s were too loose around the waist. :(

EDIT: If I have to be girly, I want Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab stuff.
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I am bored insensate.

There are only three professors here today. They have all expressed astonishment that I have not been given graduation day off.

*returns to clockwatching*
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Dark Crystal Sequel Announced

The Jim Henson Co. announced that it will produce a feature-film sequel to its 1982 fantasy film The Dark Crystal, with the working title The Power of the Dark Crystal. The original movie was directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, with conceptual designer Brian Froud, and has remained a fan favorite with consistently strong worldwide home video and DVD sales, the company said.

The company's co-chief executives, Brian Henson and Lisa Henson, made the announcement. Odyssey Entertainment will represent the worldwide sales and distribution of the film, beginning immediately at the Cannes Film Festival.

The sequel is based on an original screenplay by Annette Duffy and David Odell, who wrote the first film. It is set many years after the events of the first movie. The Power of the Dark Crystal sees Jen and Kira as king and queen and guardians of the crystal, who fight to save their kingdom when the crystal is once again split. Incorporating a hybrid of live-action animatronic characters and computer animation, the production is expected to commence in the fall. Lisa Henson and Kristine Belson will produce, with Brian Henson, Ralph Kamp and Louise Goodsill serving as executive producers.

...this could either be very good or very bad...
Boondock/can't believe

OMG Aslan.

The trailer to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

I have tears in my eyes. Yes, I am a big dork.

I love these books. The only series I devoured as often as Narnia when I was a kid was the Wrinkle in Time series. And Narnia came first; I imprinted on Narnia.

Someone said that the light pouring out of the wardrobe when Lucy opened it was wrong, and I agree, of course. But otherwise?

I teared up as soon as I saw Aslan.

And oh, oh. The thrones at Cair Paravel. The Witch at the stone table. The everything.

The first books I bought for Elayna were the Narnia books, the box set. (My mother had long since thrown mine away.) I was two months pregnant and had no idea if my baby would be a girl or a boy, so I didn't feel I should make gender-specific decisions like A Little Princess yet.

But I knew that, no matter what gender my baby was, my baby would read and love Narnia.

And she has - not all of the books, but she's started. And she does. I called her down to watch the trailer with me, and she is so excited.

Dude. That was Aslan on my computer. Just as real as if you could walk up to him and bury your face in his mane as you hug him. Aslan.