May 14th, 2005



I have a new tank top. It is frilly-ish, with lots of random stuff on it.

It is girly.

Sir has also just ordered skirts for me.

*look of deer in headlights*

Also, I am in a spot of trouble because I forgot that I was supposed to wear a skirt today. *looks down at jeans* So. Am going to go change, after I take a photo of docorion for mud_puppy. Hi, mud_puppy! (Imagine that last as in "Hi, Lady!" -- Fezzik, end of Princess Bride.)

Saw Unleashed today, and it was much of the good. I will have more thoughts on that later. *nod*

Went to JavaMonkey afterwards - had chai goodness, chocolate cake goodness, and running-into- static_eddie - kungfoogirl -and-J goodness. Lots of goodness!

Now I go take pictures and put a skirt on and stuff. *nod*