May 12th, 2005


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to fings!

Exhaustion + nausea (nausea is mild thus far, but exhaustion is profound), eyes a little weird. tongue tingly/numb-ish.

Fellatio is really weird when my tongue is like this!

Last Night's Side Effects
docorion noted that I'm usually really good at keeping up the "Oh yes, I'm fine" mask... and that he's honored that I let it slip when I'm with him.

"Things are getting weird in my head, Sir."
"I know, baby."

He can tell. Because I trust him, feel safe with him. So I can relax and have him just hold me and talk me through bad body stuff. I don't have to be all tough.

Gods, I love him. I have two so wonderful men. I am a lucky girl.

Feels Like Friday
It so seriously does. I've been having to keep from nagging Adam about taking the garbage out, nagging Elayna about Field Day. It so feels like Friday.

No. Also? Hell no.
Regarding my reading from haikujaguar yesterday: No. I am not pregnant. Criminy, people.

I have change and rebirth coming, yes. But it is not that kind of change!

Today's Login Fortune
"I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me."
-- Hunter S. Thompson

(no subject)

I have about twenty posts in my head that I need to make, but can't yet.


I can tell you about my day, though.

Work was bloody awful. *growl*

docorion took me to Watershed to feed me artisanal cheeses and a wild mushroom stew, which helped. Then, um, well, sex helped too. :)

But then we got a call from Adam - Elayna didn't have gardening club today after all, so we had to run out and pick her up...

...and she proceeded to throw a TWO-HOUR temper tantrum regarding her homework.

docorion stepped in when I was too frustrated to continue; she ended up finally doing homework without a problem.

And now we think we will go to Floataway Cafe to try to soothe my rattled nerves AGAIN.

Also? Tomorrow is Friday. Yay Friday.
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