May 11th, 2005


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to creentmerveille!

Oh, man, am I having tummy trouble today. Ow. Plus nausea, of course, and exhaustion - and no, the exhaustion isn't due to staying up late, I went to bed right after Veronica Mars. :P Nothing else yet.

I bashed my knee at work yesterday and it hurts to walk. And getting up and down stairs is a bitch.

And my left shoulder is killing me, and I have no idea why.

I love having docorion here. He is family.

School Play
Oh my gods, that was painful. Elayna acquitted herself well, though.

Adam: You know what would make this play better?
Me: More cowbell?
Adam: Ninjas.
Me: And cowbells.
Adam: The ninjas can't have cowbells. Part of the point of ninjas is that you can't hear them coming.
Me: The ninjas won't have cowbells. The pirates will have the cowbells. Duh.
docorion: ...
Sister Mystic - X'Ana/Shrijani

Freewill Astrology

One of the world's longest streets is Figueroa Street in Los Angeles. It runs 30 miles. In contrast, Bridge Street, a lane near my house, is about 50 yards long and connects two lengthy roads to each other. The path you're on right now, Pisces, has a metaphorical resemblance to Bridge Street. Your time on it will be brief, and it will serve as a bridge between two phases of your life story. Soon you'll turn onto a longer thoroughfare more like Figueroa. In the meantime, pay maximum attention to the sights and sounds. This leg of your journey will be short, but it will reveal clues that will be essential as you shift gears.
Sister Mystic - X'Ana/Shrijani

One-Card Draw!

The fabulous haikujaguar is doing her One-Card Draw through 1 PM EST.

Go now!

My reading:

Happy universe answer for you today, shadesong, and not all that surprising. Two things popped out, one covering the other on the table:

The Fallow Field, symbol of an open spirit and a readiness to be filled with the seeds of growth;

and The Phoenix, symbol of violent and sudden rebirth.

Hmm. Guess what you're ready for? :)
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Writing - XanaDuMalion

Not a Wispy Girl

docorion and I were discussing bodies and body image earlier today, prompted by my response of "too skinny" when asked about the attractiveness of a girl who apparently has my body type.

Yes, I prefer curvy girls. And yet if I can pinch a millimeter, let alone an inch, on myself, I'm too fat. That, dear reader, is a matter for a different post.

The skinny-girl thing came up later, when I reflected that hugging me must be like hugging a bunch of sticks. Because hugging my mom is like hugging a bunch of sticks, and I'm skinnier.

docorion assured me that I Give Great Hug. He says that the thing with most skinny girls is that they're "wispy". He demonstrated a wispy-skinny-girl-handshake. I retaliated with my handshake, and he said "See?"

Basically, he says that wispy girls act fragile; they shake hands, they hug, like they're afraid of being broken. And, well, I do *not*.

I said, "My gut response is that bodies are made for pleasure - but really, no. They're not. There are so many really Not Pleasurable things going on with my body. Maybe that's part of why I hug the way I do. Get as much pleasure as I can."

Because when I hug you, you know it; you are most thoroughly hugged! Hugs are *good*. Snuggling is *good*.

Anyway. Just musing. And now I go watch Lost.