May 10th, 2005


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to azhure, crisavec, gaelfling, and mendoza!

Hello to newly-official reader domanblue!

Exhausted, but that's partly because somebody woke me up at 5 AM. Hmph. Starting to feel a little out of it speechwise. Vision weird. Tummy weird.

A Conversation
Me: "You won't be happy until I have a doctorate, will you?"
docorion: "You make me happy no matter what. But I will be overjoyed when you have a doctorate."

He says that I've enough knowledge already to be "dropped into a third-year neurology clerkship". We have been talking about me going back to school.

I just like to know stuff. Particularly about the brainmeats. The whole body, but particularly the brainmeats; fascinates me how one tiny, tiny thing going wrong causes a cascade...

He *hearts* my brain. :)

When I'm Not in Blue Jeans
As I told him yesterday, "Whenever I wear a skirt, it's for you."
Writing - XanaDuMalion

Wild Speculation

Okay. It's Tuesday. Season finale of Veronica Mars.

And I drifted awake today with a wild idea in my head. I'm calling it here, just so if it's true, I can say "Ha! I called it!"

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What's your theory?


All I can think about today = Elayna's school play and Veronica Mars.

Two more hours of work. Then I get to go have really, really great sex. Mmmm. Yeah. I'm thinkin' about that too.

EDIT: Is tomorrow the season finale of Lost, or is that next week?
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A friendly wager.

tablesaw and I wish to make a bet on the outcome of tonight's episode of Veronica Mars.

For the terms of the bet, as well as tablesaw's and my opposing theories regarding who the killer might be, click here! (Caution: major speculation in comments, though no spoilers for tonight's episode.)

So we have our choices, we have our terms, but, um...

What ought we to play for?
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Most commonly-used phrase of the day, paraphrased: "Do I have to submit my grades according to this stupid complicated process, or can I just give them to you to handle like the administrative demigoddess you are?"

My response, of course, is "PLEASE give them to me!" Rather than screwing everything up with the ludicrously complicated and poorly explained process the registrar's office has cooked up.

I am magic. So I have been told by more than one professor today.

Also? I am now the hell out of here.