May 9th, 2005



Really nauseous. + exhaustion. Otherwise okay thus far. Had really bad morning/evening reactions yesterday, though. EDIT: Tongue/face owie. Little out of it. Visionweird. Coordination a little off.

docorion arrives this afternoon for a stay of nearly-a-week! Yay! *'songboogie*

I got to see Shaun of the Dead last night. Very cute. :)

Must get a group together to see Unleashed on Saturday night. Anyone?

My office looks much better after the comics work yesterday, which makes it much easier for me to do a box a day as planned. Good. :) I'll do one before I pick docorion up at the MARTA station this afternoon.

So tired.


In case you were wondering if metaphorge is t3h h0ttness, I assure you that he is.

EDIT: I'm having one of those days when I want to make out with everyone. Well. All of my friends, anyway.

It's a good thing that the next non-work person I will see is docorion, who will take me firmly in hand.
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*pant* *pant*


(Yes, I'll be fine by the time docorion gets here. No comments, because I don't want *hugs*.)
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Ohhhhh yum.

Picked docorion up from the train station wearing a skirt.

Slipped my panties off at the car. :)

High-tailed it to the hotel, where Wacky Hijinks Ensued. :)

Picked kid up from school - had good, if overlong, impromptu parent/teacher conference.

Picked Adam up.

Two words: Melting Pot.

Elayna snacked on uncheesed green apples during the cheese course, ate all of the garnishy bits off a chef salad (I had the mushroom salad, as did my men), and fell. in. love. with the fondue process over the main course. Coq au vin. The chicken and steak were pronounced satisfactory; then she discovered shrimp. Oh, my lord, did she love the shrimp. She could not believe how very awesome the shrimp was. Couldn't stop talking about it.

I had a glass of wine with dinner. Which renders me about her age. So the men had to deal with us re-enacting scenes from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Better Off Dead, the latter of which I'd shown Elayna for the first time yesterday. We're giggly.

And dessert was dark chocolate, which was sans milk. And Elayna went nuts. As did we all, really. :)

And! Even though we were a day late, our waitress, who was very nifty the whole time - you know how you can tell when waitresses really want kids, and are mentally bookmarking your kid for the list of What They Want? Yeah, that - gave us the Mother's Day gift from Melting Pot - a teddy bear with a coupon for a free dessert next time, and a donation to St. Jude's.

Child is now in bed, *way* late. Husband is checking his e-mail. Boyfriend is on the phone with his other girlfriend. And I'm going to go pack Miss Kid's bag for tomorrow, much as I can - tomorrow's the school play, and for some reason we are expected to pack the kids a change of clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. - sleeping bag optional. Erf? I guess this is for if your kid wants a nap? Because they're keeping the kids from the 2:30 dismissal through the end of the play, which starts at 6:30. I don't think they're keeping them overnight. This is all very odd. *shrug*

I have had wine, and it shows.

Good night!