May 8th, 2005

Mommy & Elayna

And as for me...

Elayna gave me a card with a bunch of coupons in it - stuff like "make breakfast", "clean my room" - reusable, through June 2029. She may regret that. :) She made me breakfast without being asked. Waffles. Merely sticking them in the toaster, as we lack a waffle iron, but it meant a lot to her to make me breakfast. :)

She also gave me Mamaphonic, edited by Bee Lavender - essays about how motherhood affects creative pursuits. (Yes, I hinted hard.)

From Adam: Mystic and Rider, the new Sharon Shinn book...

From docorion, the aforementioned Vosges truffles.

I'm having a bit of a bad meds morning, but when I recover, I plan to use my Mom-on-Mother's-Day status to make Adam help me clean up around the house, particularly with the comics project - and Elayna inquired as to the possibility of watching West Side Story, which she's never seen, but she enjoyed the medley of music from it that the 7th and 8th grade symphonic band played on Friday...


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Phase I of the big comics-integration project is OVAH.

It is all far, far easier from here on out.

And that completes half of what I wanted from Adam for Mother's Day. *nod*

EDIT: And now I have a hacking cough from OMG the dust bison.
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