May 7th, 2005

Mommy & Elayna

The Annual What-We-Won-at-Spring-Fling Post


Just got back from Spring Fling, Elayna's annual school carnival, where we spent $20 on tickets and $100+ on stuff at the silent auction. Thank you, IRS, for giving us our tax refund yesterday, amen!

I volunteered for two things - running her class's game booth for an hour, and helping out at the silent auction - swooping in the close bidding on one of the tables, and pulling gift certificates at the cash register. Lo, my volunteer work has been done.

Another highlight: racing Elayna through the hy00ge inflatable obstacle course. I won round one, she won round two, and every other parent or teacher I encountered after that said "Oh, I saw you in the obstacle course!", so I hope I didn't look *too* stupid. :)

I love this stuff. I loved rolling a big die and running the class's game, loved recruiting other kids. I swear, had you asked me 11 years ago if this sounded like fun, I'd've laughed in your face. And, um, not because it sounded fun. 11 years ago, I'd've sneered at you, rolled my eyes.

But dude, this is really fun, and so's the feeling that you're helping out your kid's school with every kid you recruit to play that game, or every time you make a fool of yourself on the obstacle course.

So this is what we won.

Gift Cards
Theatre Gael, 2 tickets to every show of the 2005-2006 season.
Georgia Renaissance Festival, 4 VIP tickets
Georgia Shakespeare Festival, 2 tickets to any one production in 2005-2006.
Theatrical Outfit, 2 tickets to any one production in 2005-2006.

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Not to mention the baskets themselves, always nifty and useful - Jack has already claimed the pretty fabric-lined basket that formerly held International Foods as his own.

I love Spring Fling.

Looks like Elayna's out of her hot shower - she paid to have herself soaked in the dunking booth four times, 3 tickets a pop, and was shivering all the way home - so I shall rejoin the crew upstairs. :)
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Survival camps? Not so much.

Pointed out by dark_blade, who asked if it was the camp that I was sent to (6 months, when I was 16-17). It isn't. But this shit happens all the time. The one I went to was shut down after killing kids. It had been created by people whose last camp was shut down for killing kids (dehydration).

So I am saddened, but wholly unsurprised to see this article, which I'll reprint here below the cut because the AJC requires registration.

Boy's pleas for aid denied
Inhaler withheld, restrained teen died

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This happens all the time. This is what happens when you send kids to these places. They are abused, and sometimes they die. This is what happens when you give up on parenting your kids and refuse to deal with their issues.

Oh, and...

I wore my "I'm Blogging This" shirt to the Spring Fling... and met a fellow LJer. One of the teachers. *laugh*

We're everywhere!
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