May 6th, 2005



Usual exhaustion + nausea. Too nauseous to eat truffles last night. :( Otherwise, just a little bit brainweird and visionweird. Very light tremors. This is what = a good day, nowadays.

Summer Reading
Because I am a space cadet, I totally forgot to buy stuff for Elayna's class basket for Spring Fling! Each class has a basket that gets auctioned off. Fundraiser. So we stopped by the neighborhood indy bookstore on the way home and got some of the classics:

Harriet the Spy, The Phantom Tollbooth, and modern classic Frindle. We had a spare copy of A Wrinkle in Time at home - she got it for her birthday, and she already has two copies, so it went into the gift closet. And I grabbed a handful of bookmarks.

I'd've gotten The Westing Game, which may be my all-time favorite-childrens'-book-that-no-one-has-heard-of, but they didn't have it.

If you were giving kids books, what books would you give them?

I'm very basic today. Plain black snug-fitting long-sleeved tee, plain black panties, jeans, blue striped "all about me" socks (from velvetsteel).

I just finished Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Eh. At breakfast, I started How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found, by Sara Nickerson - one of Elayna's new favorite books. This afternoon/evening, I'll be starting Story of O - would you believe I've never read it?

Elayna has a concert this evening - her school is one of three schools playing a joint concert at what would be her middle school. We are all terribly excited. :)

Tomorrow is her school's Spring Fling! It's open to the public - locals with kids, you should come. It's always a lot of fun. :) I'm volunteering at her class's booth for an hour.

Sunday is Mother's Day! And I have no idea what we're doing. I suppose that if we go somewhere for a meal, it should be somewhere that takes reservations; I don't want to stand around for two hours waiting for a table! I don't quite know how to handle Mother's Day. We've never done much for it.

What I'd like for Mother's Day is for her to make me something. A mug or a dish or something at the local pottery-painting place, maybe. But I keep forgetting to drop that hint in time.


Note to self

Stuff to do this afternoon:

1. Clean bathroom.
2. Write about writing.

EDIT: Never mind, I can't write the thing I wanted to write about writing yet. *grump*

Also - how is my day only half over? Looooong day, y'all.
Starfire/Huh? Wtf?

Mother's Day

*reviews Sunday brunch menus disconsolately*

I hate the South. Everything is deep-fried.

There are fancy dinner options, but none of them are kid-friendly, from what I can see. I mean, I'd love to go to Melting Pot, but what would Elayna eat at Melting Pot?

So many options, and I'm looking at them so late in the game. I've never had a Mother's-Day $MEAL out, save for when I lived in Florida, and then my mother always chose, of course.
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Mommy & Elayna


Regarding why not the Melting Pot, and why it's difficult to pick a place for Mother's Day:

Not only is Miss Elayna picky as hell... that, I can deal with (i.e. suffer the bitching and make her Try New Things anyway), though I'm less willing to deal with it on My Day...

..But she's allergic to milk. Which cuts out 2/3 of the meal at Melting Pot. *wry smile*

So that is why. *nod*

docorion mentioned that he would of course be here the day after Mother's Day, and asked if that would be too late; the answer, of course, is no, and so we'll be celebrating a day later, sans crowds! We still have to pick a place, but there's now less of a timecrunch to do so.
Elayna! - Karlita

My kid rocks.

Somehow, I have managed to raise a child who is not the least bit socially awkward - who, upon being mixed in with kids from two different schools, will waste no time introducing herself and making new friends.

And who, since this is a concert, will then grab her flute, dart a smile at the hundred-plus total strangers in the audience, and start playing. Impeccably.

If she didn't look exactly like me, I'd think she was switched at birth. I did band in fourth grade, too, but I was always *terrified*. Her? No sweat. She loves this.

And she's really good at it.

(She's already memorized "Linus and Lucy".)

They played four songs - "Creepy Crawlies", "Let's Go Band", "Band Medley", and... "One, Two Step". Yes, by Ciara-featuring-Missy-Elliot. When the band teacher announced that one, the heads of all the middle-school kids whipped around to face our wee little band with a "Oh no you DIDN'T" look on their faces. And they girls all bopped along while our kids played...

We stayed around for the rest of the show - 6th grade concert band, middle school jazz band, 7th and 8th grade symphonic band. Showing Elayna what's in her future, what new songs she'll get to learn. Stuff by Chicago. Stuff from West Side Story and Sound of Music.

She is so excited about playing music.

I need a shirt that says "Band Mom". :)