May 4th, 2005


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to arachne8!

Hello to new reader mightysemprini!

Still exhausted. Used up a fuckload of spoons at Saturday's party, man. Also, nauseous, brainweird, tingly-faced.

I just have to make it through four hours. Then I can rest.

Damn, I miss docorion.

Annoyance factor: New York State has yet to issue his license. He can't plan his next visit here til he has his work schedule. Which he can't get until New York issues his license.


Um, I'm sure I'll write more stuff later.
Elayna! - Karlita


Elayna, listening to "Drunken Sailor" as performed by Captain Tractor: "They come in a little late on the drums."

My daughter is musical.

She always has been. When we went to Disney for the first time, when she was 18 months old, I noticed that she swung her legs, tapped her feet, in perfect time to the bands. But it's really come out with the flute. She cannot get enough of that flute. She plays every day - not just at school, but at home. In her spare time, she plays flute instead of playing My Little Pony. (When she's not writing/drawing her stories.)

And when you hear the words "flute practice", you may associate that with dissonant screeching. But no. She's good. She's really good. "Linus and Lucy" was instantly recognizable from Day One.

In the DC miniseries "Identity Crisis", there's a scene where the villian Boomerang is reunited with his long-lost son and is teaching him to use a boomerang. These boomerangs are razor-sharp, and the son accidentally throws one right towards Boomerang's neck. And then intercepts it. Superspeed. And there's a look in Boomerang's eye as he says "Speed. My son has speed."

My daughter has music.

Understand - music is my blood and bone. But I can't make it. Percussion, yes. Other stuff, I've never done. It is not what I do. Writing is what I do, what naturally pours out of me.

And docorion said recently that people are a little in awe of writers. Of people who have story. I couldn't quite get that - I guess because I have story, so it isn't an exceptional thing to me.

But now I get it. Because my daughter has music.

She got it from Layne. The only pure thing he had, he passed along to her. And she makes it her own.

My daughter has music. :)
SillyMe - Photognome


In a long-ago entry, I wrote about trust falls. The pertinent part is this:

I can play at trust, but can I actually trust? Can I open that core of me, let loose that iron grip?

Some of you are on my sexfilter and have read my descriptions of being under docorion's singletail.

There's been a lot of D/s in my sex life, these last few years. Um, well, where "last few years" = half of my life, really, but most of it's been in the last few years.

And through every instance, every playtime... I've still held onto that core, just a little. I have given most of myself over, but I have never completely let go.

Under his singletail, I let go.

I fall... I fly.

Wow. :)
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