May 3rd, 2005


Tew's Day

Hello to new reader brigidsblest!

Coordination off, face tingly, vision and brain slightly off, exhaustion, nausea.

Yep. It's b0rked. Happily, it is under warranty. And thanks to slipjig, rafaela, and ian_gunn, I have tons of new CDs to listen to while it's out for repair...

But yay!
I won the monthly contest at my favorite jewelry studio! Remember the pic I posted last night? That's where that necklace comes from. And the message rings I wear stacked on my left index finger. I won a necklace. Yay!

Geez, you guys. Had I known that so many of the attendees wanted an orgy, I'd've had one.

After we locked zarhooie in the closet, of course.

Recommendations Requested
docorion wants to help fatten me up. To that end, he has requested a list of places to order chocolates from.

I do not like nuts or caramels or nasty fruit things. I do like random exotic things, like honey. I like dark chocolate best.

Pimpin' - yuki_onna

Help the dogs!

Katchoo - Terry Moore

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This is just a ridiculous level of exhaustion.

Can't nap - picking Miss Kid up in an hour and a half.

Too tired to concentrate on writing.

Just have to try to keep moving.


docorion: "You're dangerous when you're on a project, aren't you?"

Oh, yes.

For painting projects... dude! The Ultimate Paint Chip. 18" by 24".

Yes. 18" by 24".

Really see what the color's going to look like in the room.

I have files on home improvement and decor. It's a sickness.
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pre-bed musing

It was pointed out to me at the party that now, as a result of medical upfuckery, I move at the speed of...

...a normal person.

This is on the Trileptal, mind. On the Trileptal + Topamax, I moved at the speed of a three-toed sloth. A three-toed sloth on Thorazine.

On Trileptal? Speed of a normal person.

Fortunately, it was generally acknowledged by those who'd been reading me pre-meds that this actually was quite a comedown, quite a thing to get used to...

It's just always odd to me, to be reminded that my slow days are equal to some people's busy days. I am accustomed to being Supergirl, but taking the Supergirlishness for granted...

Got some stuff done today. And had a little nap. Just like hy00mans.