May 2nd, 2005



Yes, avivasedai, I made it home safe; too tired to even check my e-mail last night...

Happy birthday to seanhtaylor!

Hello to new reader opakele - I know you must be someone from TH, but who?

I have theorized that the reason I usually don't have many side-effect problems when I'm with docorion is that my brain is active. Kind of like walking off the effects of other medicines.

Unfortunately, I am not now with people, do not have my brain very engaged, and may suffer soon. In the meantime - exhaustion, but that can be traced to partying til the wee hours on Saturday. Nausea. (Had tremors yesterday, but not today.)

I'm still bouncy when I'm not exhausted. Will write about it in a separate post.

Leaving is freakin' devastating. I fit there.


To understand recursion, you must first understand recursion.

That has nothing to do with my party. It's just that that sentence is my brain's autocomplete when I think "to understand".

To understand me, you must understand that I'm always edgy before a party. I always fear that no one will show up. Or maybe one or two people, and we'll just be sitting around all awkward-like, and they'll say "umm, this is lame," and leave.

Despite the fact that this has never happened.

I have no idea why I am this way. I'm a weird kid. Roll with it.

So I was edgy, and then people arrived. wispfox, in the first wave, found me by kitty echolocation - wandering through the house and meowing until I meowed back and emerged from docorion's room. Kitty echolocation works, y'all...

And then, as always, people started arriving all at once! And there was a party.

I love my parties. I love them because I am the agent that got all of these cool people in the same room, but the coolness is that they are discovering, or hanging out with, each other; I love introducing people, I love snuggling with people.

...My brain is slipping. So. To Be Continued...
I Hate It Here - Transmet


Ow. Ow. Ow.



Something was Wrong at work today. I described it to the building manager thusly: "It was as if millions of mosquitos cried out at once - and were suddenly silenced."

Loud. LOUD. High-pitched. Shrill. Loud. Right by my desk. For two, three minutes at a time. Irregular intervals. Like being in an MRI, that way, but with horrible earshattering mosquito/alarm noises instead of clanking.

Four hours.

Set my teeth on edge (they still are, an hour later). Made me nauseous (ditto).


They'd better fix it by tomorrow. (They do have a good idea of what it is.)

Sick to my stomach, and my head is pounding... EDIT: Also still shaking and unable to concentrate. If I go in there again tomorrow and it isn't fixed, I'm seriously leaving.
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Boondock/can't believe


My iPod has fallen, and it can't get up!

It just shows the Apple logo and goes whirr-click, whirr-click, whirr-click for a bit, then shows a file folder with an exclamation point and turns itself off.

Adam had me pushing a bunch of buttons to try to put it into disk mode, whatever that is. Somehow, we got it to show the menu, and it showed that it had *no* battery life left. Unsurprising, after the party. Anyway, it showed that after I'd unplugged it from the wall; by the time we got it to the computer, it was back to just the apple.

iTunes isn't recognizing it.

We've got it plugged into the wall, and we hope it's charging. It's apple-screened whirr-clicking, and that doesn't sound good.

Least it's under warranty.

Any ideas?