April 28th, 2005


Thor's Day

Twenty - twenty - twenty-four hours to go...

Can we just call this a bad meds day and be done with it? No? Okay. Balance, vision, brainweird, feeling generally fucked, exhaustion, hella nausea, etc.

The good thing about flying at 8:15 tomorrow? I can take my meds on the plane and hopefully sleep through the effects.

Things to Do
Pack. Update iPod. Make sure I pack a notebook, because if I don't sleep on the plane, I'll be working on "Zero at the Bone" - I'll be my own captive audience, after all.

Since it's my Friday...

Black and pick - yes, pink, I don't know what's come over me - cardigan, jeans, plain purple panties, penguin socks.

Whatever, Mom: Hip Mama's Guide to Raising a Teenager, by Ariel Gore. Because Elayna's almost one. (Yes, I have Reviving Ophelia; no, I haven't read it yet, but I will.)

For plane reading, I have Market Forces by Richard Morgan. Which I don't get to read til I write.

Tonight: Elayna's concert!
Tomorrow: Flying to Boston. Yay!
Saturday: Birthday party. Yay!
Sunday: Flying back to Atlanta. Not so yay. :(


Party Notes

Answering questions that were asked on the eVite or by more than one person:

* zarhooie, you don't need a sleeping bag - there is a couch available.

* People in general: I don't know if I'm going to the Carbon Leaf concert, because I don't know what time they'll be on! I'm seeing that the festival itself goes on til six - my party begins at seven, and I want to be there when people start to arrive, obviously! If I can get verification that they'll be on at, like, two - sure.

* yakavenger: It's a house, not an apartment building, so parking shouldn't be a problem. beowabbit, docorion, do correct me if I'm wrong!

* kires, Monkey, pharminatrix, I have you as not having looked as the eVite - want to make sure you're aware of the party, that you don't just have eVites set to go in your spam folders. So. *ping*!

* juliansinger, beowabbit, I know you'll be there, but please RSVP, because headcount is why I use eVite; not having an accurate headcount makes me all itchy-like.

* For that matter, dude, everyone who hasn't responded, respond already, 'k?

I love you all. Mwah.
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Writing - XanaDuMalion


I did a little writing today while waiting for my prescription to be filled. What came out was a little bit about Halloran...

Halloran dislikes Victor. He will always dislike Victor. This is unfortunate, but true, and it is because the heart does not work logically.

He isn't quite okay about Capri having sex with Kieran - her first lover - but he talks himself into being okay with it by reminding himself that Kieran's been her best friend (besides him) since she was born. And Halloran does trust Kieran not to hurt Capri. (Well, not to hurt her any more than she wants!)

But when she had sex with Victor.... She hasn't known Victor very well. He's more of an acquaintance. And Victor's a bit of a slut. So there is a bit of Halloran feeling that Victor is beneath Capri, and a bit of just...

Halloran is, at this point, still a few years away from admitting that he's in love with Capri.

But it's obvious. To everyone but him and Capri.

So being with Kieran is okay, because he's her best friend. But being with this random guy...

Halloran doesn't deal well with it. And he manages to adjust himself to Capri playing around, eventually. But he never really forgives Victor for being the first to "rub it in".
Writing - XanaDuMalion

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Also: Victor was tortured by a Kithrayn, in a former life. For having sex with a woman that that Kithrayn regarded as his property.

The things you don't know, til you start writing. The things the characters surprise you with.
Elayna! - Karlita


So today in band, they had a seating test.

Guess who's first chair?

Elayna is first chair.

*bounce* *squee* She was so excited - when she spotted us, she was talking so fast and squeaky that it took a second for us to parse what she was saying! Hyper girl. :) But once we heard "first chair", oh, there were high fives all around...

My girl. :) She's really been practicing her ass off this month. She really enjoys it. And she's so thrilled...

They have a mini concert tonight. And my girl is first chair. :)
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Elayna! - Karlita


Elayna got her ears pierced March 15, and would like to know when she can switch earrings from the original studs to the cute hoops Grandma gave her.

Anyone know?

(Yes, she's been cleaning her earholes with antiseptic through this week.)