April 12th, 2005


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to corwinok!

Tongue tingly. Brain weird.

Neurologist appointment this afternoon. At which point it will be decided whether I will go on more Trileptal or try a new medication. Argh.

Please take part in this important poll. It is for science.

So far, it is being conclusively proven that I am right and that docorion is indeed a crack monkey.

And yes, I know that they're actually a fungus. But they count as a veggie when they are on my dinner plate, dammit. They're only a condiment when they're on pizza.

And those of you who hate mushrooms - you are dead to me. *sob*

EDIT: And docorion is stuffing the godsdamned ballot box. *fume* *glares at him through two stories of the building* *resolves to kick his butt in three hours*

Win a copy of the latest anthology kickass enough to contain murnkay's work!

How, you ask?

Tell him tales of meat.

Selective Mutism
Interesting article.

Miss Kid
Spring break is over. Miss Kid is back at school. Thank the gods. Because, as much as I love her, a week-plus with not. one. second. of kid-free time was driving me up the wall.

I note that the one thing most of the successful writers on my friendslist have in common is that they are childless... is it just me and shellefly who have spawned?

Adam is safe in Baltimore. Yay Adam!

(Must ask him if I can use his real name here.) docorion is taking excellent care of me. Making me eat. And nap.

And, um, there's other stuff. Hee! Yum. :)
Pimpin' - yuki_onna

Star Wars Celebration

From dark_blade:

Can you please please PLEASE post asking if anyone on your list is going
to Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis and is looking for a room?
Mine had 5-6 people in it, but folks have bailed for a variety of
reasons, leaving just myself and don3172 in it. We're in the Hyatt,
connected to the convention center by skywalk, and looking for more
roomies to split cost with. Only caveats: It's not a party room (feel
free to go to parties being held by other folks though!), and it's a
nonsmoking room.

If you're going, contact her! I promise that she does not have cooties. She's one of my favorite people. :)
Sick Hippo

Time Management

An article for those of us who run low on spoons...

I'm actually printing this one out to stick on the fridge. I still can't get used to not having the capability I used to, and I need to remind myself that it's okay to not get Everything Done Right Now. I never learned time management, because I used to be very high-energy and efficient. I have great organizational skills when it comes to running an office, but not when it comes to my time and my body's reduced capability. I still tend to try to barrel through as much as possible, and my body ends up saying "Oh hell no" about halfway through any given task...

Anyway. Good article. :)
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Sick Hippo

Neurology update

So after docorion cooking for me, me eating mass quantities of food, guess what?

I lost two pounds.


That's not a weight, that's a spring day in Florida.

I was just... reeling for a bit after that. I felt like I'd maybe lost a little, but I'd felt like that before and had been proven wrong. So I told myself I was weight-stable and paranoid. Because I've been weight-stable for a few months.

Nope. Less than a month and a half between weigh-ins. Lost two pounds.


I went into "holy shit I can't believe I weigh 89 pounds" mode as soon as I saw the scale readout, and the guy weighing me looked very concerned and felt the need to say, "You want to weigh more, right?" I reassured him that I did. Wanting to weigh less than this is not my particular brand of crazy. He said I should weigh 105. I could go for that.

My primary care doc wanted me to call her to work through options if I dip below 90 pounds. I'm not doing it yet. Too many doctors. And my neurologist wants me to go back to my opthalmologist for another pressure reading. No. Too many doctors. I'm taking a break. Only doctor I'm seeing is docorion.


Okay. So. Weight-freaking aside.

The neuro presented Zonegran, which I know nothing of, as a possible adjunct to my Trileptal, since I had the breakthrough seizures at 1050mg/day of Trileptal and have unacceptable side effects at 1200mg/day. I must have looked weary and/or crestfallen, because she then looked up the smallest size of Trileptal (150mg) and said okay, let's try 525mg in the morning (I'm currently on 450mg in the morning) and stick with 600 at night.

I am typing all of this because there are like 5 of you out there who are really actively interested. If you don't care, hey, you have a "page down" button.

Sorry. Tired.

So this is good news, really, because I'm not going on a new medication. I'm going to try to ride this out. Altogether, Trileptal is the best thing I've been on in terms of cognitive effects - I get very little brainfog, and the brainfog clears within two hours of taking the pills. So I can write. Well, I can write if I don't get the double vision I got at 600AM/600PM. Heh.

Tired, though. Neuro visits take a lot out of me. I'm glad docorion was able to come with me.

Had some beef stroganoff and some wild mushroom stew over grits for dinner. We always share our food at restaurants. :) And now I get Elayna to do her homework, and then I snuggle docorion and maybe watch Buffy, maybe watch Buckaroo Banzai.