April 11th, 2005



Happy birthday to cissa!

Hello to new reader ratkrycek!

Just took pills. Exhausted, but that can be credited to *ahem* an inordinate amount of physical activity last night, + getting to bed late.

Yeah, I'm out. Brain no worky. Hm. There was a JavaMonkey get-together - folks are nifty.

wcg wrote an astronomy quiz at OKCupid - go take it!

(EDIT: JavaMonkey folks were me, Elayna, yendi, docorion, kires, manifestress, photognome, indrani_prime, vanuslux, bheansidhe... and sibylla and kungfoogirl made brief cameos. Just so y'all can add your new friends. I am helpful like that.)

And there was sex. :) Polyamory = time-sharing the hotel room, sometimes. Heh. And I'm going to drink coffee and try to wake up. Because I went to sleep at, um, onesomething? twosomething? Way too late.
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Cast of "Characters"

UPDATED FROM ORIGINAL, which was posted April '04... (EDIT: Updated 11/05 to include Spooky, 1/06 to include the Craftsman, 9/06 to include Harkalark, 05/07, et cetera)

People you will see pop up in my journal...

Also called: Miss Kid, EJ. Her LJ is nanofishie, but she never posts.
Elayna is my incredible and fabulous 12-year-old daughter.

Also called: Adam. My best friend of eleven years, partner of seven years, and now, finally, husband of three years. Also, functionally Elayna's daddy. Not biologically - but he really is everything a father should be. :)

aka "The Girl". Um... possibly becoming my girlfriend. Probably becoming my sub. Both would be nice. *blush* EDIT: Now unmasked as elionwyr. :) EDIT: Yep. Girlfriend. :)

The Craftsman
A friend with benefits; one of said benefits being that he's handy with a flogger. :)

A boyfriend, apparently. :) Also a sexy archivist. :) He's in the South, alas...

My local boyfriend, new as of July '07. We are schmooptastic. :)

My dance card is full, okay?

gwynraven is like a sister, and is Elayna's godmother.

So called because he is my Wonder Twin. Yes, there are two of us. Pretty much exactly the same. It is terrifying, I know.

First love, lost love; probably Elayna's biological father - it's either him or the rapist, and I greatly prefer considering it to be him. Layne stayed out west when I went back to Florida. We are fairly certain that he is no longer with us...

Max, Jack, and Tori
Full names: Emperor Maximilian Cocoapuff the First, Mister Doctor Professor Captain Jack Sparrow Sir, Victoria Diana Regina Brimstone the Squeaky. Most commonly known as Max, Jack (or Jackalope or Lopey or Hey, Dumbass) and Tori (or Tor-tor, or Tortelli, or Godammit it's 4 AM stop biting my toes, or Princess, or Prettykittygirl, or Crazy).

Las Vegas
Yes, it's a character all its own. My time in Vegas was the most intense time of my life... I'm writing memoirs about it. Look in the Walking on Water section of my Memories.

The Diesel
Where I go on Tuesday nights! A coffeeshop in Davis Square.

Is there anyone else you see me talk about, dear readers, who you feel belongs here?
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Quote of the day

From australian_joe, elsejournal, on being with a non-geek-girl:

For example - I'll ask her what she wants, and she'll tell me she doesn't know.

My experience of geek girls is that they only say that when it's absolutely true - and it's very clear that it is, and it distresses them that they don't know.

My response was "Ah! Yes! You grok!"

Because it absolutely does distress me to not know my own mind - and I've seen this in a few other geeks as well...
Julia in color - xanadumalion

Tamrani court garb

zarhooie is reading through my entire journal. Ph34r.

And she's sending me links of stuff I might want to memory. Which is good, because that means I get stuff like the following, which I forgot to memory at the time.

Each of the seven great Houses - and, to a lesser extent, the lesser Houses - has very specific formal Court garb. (Yes, I am a pain in the ass as a writer.) The only pics X'Ana's drawn so far of the official formal stuff = male and female Tamrani garb, and male Lhri'nahri. I don't think she ever scanned/posted the formal pic of Ryan, but below are some pics of Julia and Shawn, representing their Houses.

Yes, this'll be important - there is a weight to one's words when one appears in the full formal aspect of the Kithrayna of one's House. Which is why Alanna was full-formal when she disbanded the Talthar Kithrayna - as Jessamyn was as full-formal as she dared when she stood up and declared herself acting Kithraya of House Tamra.

What you can't see in these pics is that each House's formal garb is color-specific; House Tamra's is dark green. House Lhri'nahr's ranges in color from dove-grey to charcoal.

During any meeting of the Talthar Kithrayna, the Kithrayna will be wearing House colors. A casual version of this. The full-formal Court garb comes out only rarely.

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I'm blogging this

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docorion is a crack monkey.

Please help us resolve this important issue:

Mushrooms are a...


EDIT: Yes, I know that they're technically and officially and legally a fungus. But when they are on my dinner plate, they are ___________. Please to fill in the blank.

An interview with Robert Jordan

Stolen from ian_gunn, who stole it from a humor site:

ED: Robert Jordan, bestselling author of the Wheel of Time series, welcome.
RJ: It's an honour.
ED: It's an honour for me too.
RJ: That's what I meant.
ED: Mr. Jordan, may I call you Robert?
RJ: My friends call me Robert.
ED: Robert...
RJ: That's Mr. Jordan to you.
ED: Fine. Mr Jordan, tell us about your latest novel.
RJ: This is Book 22 of the Wheel of Time series, Rand Clips his Toenails.
ED: The book has come in from some criticism from the fans on the forums.
RJ: I can't imagine why.
ED: Perhaps because the entire book is devoted entirely to a description of Rand clipping his toenails.
RJ: I felt that there were a lot of important plot points addressed in the book.
ED: It's seven hundred pages about toenail clipping!
RJ: I think you are failing to understand the significance of the toenail clipping act. Each toenail must be clipped in the precise order as laid out in The Prophecies of The Dragon. The manner in which each toenail is clipped is subtly different, with serious implications for all of the other characters.
ED: What possible implications could there be for the other characters? None of them even appear in the book!
RJ: I'm afraid you will have to Read and Find Out.

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