March 16th, 2005


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to dicotomygrrl, docwebster, and emerald_ibis!

Hello to new readers habiliments and xsyntrik!

Bumped up on the Topamax today, and feeling very out of it. Exacerbated, I'm sure, by the fact that I just spent the last full hour running all around the building helping a professor set up for a big seminarthingie he's holding today. Which I actually don't mind, aside from the medical stuff, as this is one of the professors who really appreciates the above-and-beyond stuff, which parts of this are. Is? I've lost track of my subject/verb agreement. You get the drift. He's a good guy.

Was so tired last night that after the docorion conversation...

Me, stumbling into the bedroom about an hour after the conversation ended: "Fell asleep on the *mumble*."
Adam, half-asleep: "Did you say you fell asleep on the couch or the cat?"
Me: "I dunno what I said. But both would be right."

Most patient. Cats. Evar.

Girl Scouts
Troop Leader wandered by last night - without calling first, of course, and at an unacceptably-late time - to pick up her table. We gave her troop money and extra cookies, too. Not our money, as we're still sorting that. I didn't deal with her, as I was on the phone with docorion.

Holes in her Ears!
Miss Kid has gotten her ears pierced! She's still a little bit in shock. So am I. Next column for TwoHeadedCat: Preadolescent rites of passage.

Girls, Girls, Girls
I write about pretty bi girls kissing and being all giggly, and pretty bi girls come out and get all giggly in the comments. I gotta do this more often.

docorion thinks that we should write a personal ad for a girl for me. The interview process ought to be rigorous, we agreed. Quite rigorous.

That's neither here nor there. *clears throat*

Um, according to all signs, today is the day that Shooting Star Comics #6, with the Shayara story, will actually be in stores, and my heart just went all floopy just writing that. So go look for it, okay? And let me know when you get it. It is like not *real* for me until someone has it in their hot little hands...
I ate the Doughnut! - Sunyata/Thryn

(no subject)

I have a doughnut.

It is not a Krispy Kreme.

It is, however, a cinnamon-powdered cruller. Ah, my first love. *munch* *munch*

It is good to be in charge of setup and teardown of refreshments for seminarthingies.
Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

*twitch* *twitch*

So it's out.

But. I can't actually believe it until I see it. Or until at least one of you sees it. Like, proof that my work actually exists out in the world for people who don't know me to encounter.

First one of you to obtain a copy of Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6 gets a prize. Send me a picture of you holding it or something, or a note from the indicia, the text from the second-to-last page of Shayara. Send me proof of its existence, please.

Aaaaaagh I am so fucking twitchy.

EDIT: Oxford doesn't have any. Criminal Records says they think they only have 'em for pull-lists. terracinque, can you check when you go today and pick me up one if they have one?

yendi thinks Westfield should ship the ones we ordered soon, but I am Instant Gratification Lass.

(no subject)

*half-types up post about sending her dad to go look for Shooting Star #6 in South Florida comic shops, as Dad will be here day after tomorrow*

*pauses, realizing that, if she does so, the South Florida branch of les pathetiques will go buy up the comic just to delay her gratification*

*realizes on the ride home that that means that they would be putting money in her pocket*

*giggles with the knowledge of their certain frustration*

*knows why those now-suspended sock-puppet accounts picked yesterday, the eve of today, to go all nutjobby*

Life is good.

And my dad, who is probably standing right this minute in a comic shop in Miami, told me that he's really proud of me. And that's gold, man. That is gold.

And he told me that I should be in my basement typing all day so I can make a living writing. *laugh* Which I can't do today, because my house is a freaking sty. So. Kamikaze cleaning run, kid pickup, 2HC column for Monkey, more cleaning, maybe more writing later today. *firm nod*
Writing - XanaDuMalion

We have a winner...

Well, three. Me and m0usegrrl because yay it is Shayara!

But the prize for first confirmed sighting, holding in hands, quoting of Shooting Star goes to hdaemon. And the line he chose made me all teary.

And maybe my stomach can stop being in knots now. (But I don't think so.)

(no subject)

I can't stop listening to "Somebody Told Me", by The Killers. It sounds like the soundtrack to a club scene in an anime that hasn't been written.

I must write this.

Yes, Monkey, I was a good girl and wrote my column. :)

No, I will not extrapolate odd nihilistic anime from extremely danceable 80s-esque music tonight. Tired and scatterheaded. G'night...
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