March 10th, 2005


Thor's Day

Exhausted, tingly, face hurts. EDIT: Vision fuckery. Three weeks till I can start decreasing Trileptal.... *sigh* EDIT: Cognitive fuckery.

Medical - Not Me
Remember Kristi? zoethe's sister, theferrett's sister-in-law? Today's the day, y'all. She's getting the surgery she needs. Send energy, pray, light a candle - whatever you believe. She needs it.

Ponderous, man. Fuckin' ponderous. Yesterday was difficult. It's hard to make my brain work in a somewhat linear fashion. Did that help any?

metaphorge and m0usegrrl (sorry I missed your call, guys - talk tonight?) suggested a closed Wiki at to help me organize that info without squeezing my brain in weird ways. I think that that will be good. A Dasaroi Encyclopedia. But in the meantime, did what I did yesterday help you understand the series?

It made my brain very tired. *laugh*

I'm breakin' my back just to know your name
I finally heard "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers, and now I need someone to take me out dancing like right now.

In other music news
Elayna: Mom, can we listen to the one that says "This is not a love song" a lot? I don't know the other words.
Me: "This is Not a Love Song?" [by Public Image Ltd.]
Elayna: Yeah.
Me: Sure, kid. I can play some Johnny Rotten for you.
Chai-Hulud - feliciaelena

(no subject)

Even numbers bother me.

EDIT: By this, I mean even, not odd. Not like "citrus fruit, fish - man, even numbers bother me." No. I mean that if a number is not an odd number, it makes my brain itchy.
Writing - photo

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*does the "I just wrote 9 pages at JavaMonkey" boogie*

EDIT: Every medication affects my body differently. docorion says that my sentence construction was distinctly different on Keppra. With Trileptal, it's less mental and more physical - on Trileptal, my handwriting is godawful. My fine motor skills suck ass on this stuff.

ALSO EDIT: I wasn't doing continual storythread, just staccato bursts. Stuff What I Wrote included Fenris & Jessa talking after the meeting... Fenris finding his first recruits on the doorstep the morning after the meeting... basic Kirayth curriculum... Alanna to Jeramie: "Who is this 'Jessamyn'?"
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