February 24th, 2005


Thor's Day

I got popular while I slept - hello to new readers gardenfey, pthalostars, and sunspiral, as well as longtime commentor enderfem, who finally gave in!

From an e-mail to docorion last night: "My throat is really sore, and I'm shivering, and my muscles ache. But I don't have a fever. I only rarely get fevers."

This morning, I have a fever. And a headache from hell. And I didn't sleep well because I kept shivering myself awake. So. I'm going back to bed now.

Your writing prompt today is fever. :) (Yes, I'm lazy. I'm sick. Leave me alone. Go write something.)
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My everything hurts.

Tazo Refresh tea with honey is manna from the gods.

Adam, upon me waking: "I ordered you Chinese food. I didn't know if you'd have an appetite."
Me: "Gimme." *eats noodles*
Adam, impressed: "Wow. I wasn't able to eat anything when I was sick."
Me, eyebrow cocked.: "I have spent the last five years building up an immunity to iocane powder."
Adam: *blink*
Me: "Translation - I have spent the last year and a half developing the ability to eat even when I am violently nauseous."

Was it wispfox I was talking to about that? The tendency to speak in not just movie quotes, but in movie situations? This is what it's like living with me.
SillyMe - Photognome

My Birthday

I'm still shy about asking for stuff... *hides*

*stops hiding*

Okay. Backstory for the new kids: I have always wanted a corset. Never had one. At Arisia, I tried one on that actually fit. I marvelled at this.

Lo, it is shiny. And will be special-made, because the one I tried on was an 18". I'm tiny. And it has room for me to shrink even further, and room for me to grow, and I covet it mightily.

It was actually elionwyr's idea to put up a PayPal button to ask for contributions toward the purchase of said corset for my birthday. Which is Wednesday. Blame her. :)

Anyway! If you want to see me in this corset (there will be pictures), please throw me a little money towards it? This is also a great option for an inexpensive gift. Any amount you can give rocks.

*bows grandiosely* Many thanks unto you. I'm going to go collapse on the couch now.

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Elayna! - Karlita


My daughter is a joiner.

Opened up the yearbook that arrived today... pictures of staff, then the very first kid-pictures were pictures of the clubs.

There's Elayna, wielding a rake, posing with the Gifted*/Gardening Club teacher and a few friends, in a group pic of the Drama Club, being dramatic in a candid...

Four pics, all on Page 1. *laugh*

The next page had her wielding her flute in Band's candids.

Five clubs altogether, and she's prominently featured in three. Safety Patrol she can't be in yet - fifth grade only. Leaving only Chess Club.

Elayna: "I really want to be in Chess Club."
Me: "Why didn't you join?"
Elayna: "Same day and time as Gardening Club. I really want to do Chess Club, though. Maybe I could switch."
Me: "Well, let's stick with Gardening Club til you get your Junior Master Gardener certification, okay? You can do chess next year."
Elayna: "Okay. Because chess is really fun, too."

She's just ravenous for this. She wants to do everything.

(*There was no pic of the Gifted class. (The gifted kids are in regular classes and are taken out to go to a special Gifted class twice a week.) I'm curious as to why not. More of The Incredibles mentality, "Everyone's special"?)