February 23rd, 2005


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to grailquestion and jenphalian!

Second verse, same as the first. I plan to give the neuro a reminder call soon as I get home. EDIT: Hands spasming again like they did Monday. I didn't write about that, but Adam saw it. Both hands today, Adam. Also: Scared. Hands spasming = new and bad.

Miss Kid is at 99, which = well enough for school today. She feels fine. *nod*

And this is the first time in a week and a half that Adam's driven us to school/work, so I took my meds at 7 and should be done with the worst effects earlier in the day today. *nod*

Holy cats, I need to get to my e-mail.

Summary: I am far too goddamn tired to compose lucid e-mail replies these days. Which means a whole lot of you are left hanging. For which I apologize.

I wish coffee or something worked to energize me, you know? But nothing does.

I'm spacing out, so it's time to end this post, I b'lieve.
Writing - photo

Writing prompts

Most of these are from a list manifestress sent me...

Do me a favor? If you write something using these prompts, post the link in comments! I want to read.


Write about a black-and-white photograph.

(no subject)

Um, speaking of which - if it was any of you, dear readers, who just bought The Beekeeper off my wishlist - you may want to cancel that order like NOW before it ships, and get me something else if you wish to do so! Because I just bought it for myself yesterday. Forgot to take it off the wishlist. *sheepish look*

(Well, I couldn't wait....)

EDIT: Clarity: Didn't notice someone bought it til just right now. Did not buy it knowing that anyone else was thinking of buying it. Yes, I compulsively check "purchased items" on my wish list the few weeks or so before my birthday.)
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Writing - XanaDuMalion


When I saw satia a few weeks ago, she was very taken with the Semisonic lyric "Every new beginning is some old beginning's end." I think she was thinking of it in terms of using it as a writing prompt sometime...

What I've been thinking about lately...

Strike that. Reverse it.

Every old beginning's end is a new beginning.

It's not as melodic. It wouldn't cut it as a song lyric. But it captures what's going through my head lately. To wit:

Every relationship helps you learn more about yourself. And my relationship with volta taught me more about myself than most - in large part because I really was in uncharted territory. There's little that fascinates me more than mental mapmaking. (If that makes sense.)

I've learned a lot about what I want, what I desire - ultimately what I need. And who I am in response to those things.

That's damn valuable knowledge. And I am genuinely grateful for it.

My breakup with volta was most similar, in comparing past breakups, to my breakup with mightywombat. Essentially: "We are just not supposed to be in the kind of relationship that we're trying to keep ourselves in. Really love you, though. Friends? Cool."

With more layers than that, of course, in both cases. But. We both learned...

I know people still worry whether I'm okay. Yeah, I'm okay. :) This is a positive step. And I'm excited to see what happens in my life with this new knowledge. It seems that whenever you become aware of more stuff, the universe responds to that, send you more stuff to use that new experience on...

There's more than one first step in your life. You can take one any time you want.
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Sick Hippo

Medical Update

Finally got the return callfrom my neurologist's office.....

I'm to go down 150mg on my morning dose. (450mgAM/600mgPM, now.) And she wants to see me sooner than March 29, which is when my next appointment was for.

I called the appointment hotline, they had nothing sooner, they transferred me to my neuro's secretary... who still isn't picking up the goddamn phone. So. Left a message at 4 or so. Did not get a call back. Will call again tomorrow.

But at least I've gotten permission to cut back a bit. And it's the morning dose that's the real killer, as I don't take the evening dose til late and can therefore sleep off the bitchslap.