February 2nd, 2005


Odin's Day


Fell asleep on the couch last night. Heh.

Column done. Calendar page not done. Will work on that this afternoon.

Elayna's drama club meetings have been cancelled til further notice. With a note saying that Wonderland is only one of the plays being considered...

Backpedaling much?

Parental complaint, maybe?

This ticks me off. The kids have been working hard on this, man.

Dude, I totally forget that Tribe.net exists in between friend-invites... is anyone actually using Tribe for anything? I'm on as Shade Song (just like everywhere), e-mail tribe AT shadesong.com, if anyone feels like building their network.

If the rain goes away, I will be buying my daughter a training bra.

Writing - XanaDuMalion


I was going back through random Kieran-centric storybits to see if I had anything ready-made that'd fit the image I "drew", so I could be all lazy and slap that up on the "calendar page".

And in some of the dialogue - I saw docorion.

It is terribly freaky when that happens! *laugh* I mean, there are people who I see bits of Shayara of when I meet them who inspire new characters. volta being a prime example. (The character's name is Victor. Watch for him. You'll like him.) But it's always weird to find that in an existing character.

There are those who do not like Kieran because of his air of entitlement. Two things about that:

1. Julia beats that out of him.
2. It's other parts of Kier that remind me of docorion.

He's absolutely nothing like Kier in general. It's just snippets of dialogue between him and Capri and him and Julia that make me blink and go "um..." He's got that exact tone of voice...

EDIT: And dammit, I know I posted the conversation that reminds me most of him (between him and Julia), but I don't seem to have memoried it! I'll have to post when I get home.
Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

Things I hate #534

Knocking over my coffee because my coordination is at times fucked. (You should see the interesting typos I have.)

Also, forgetting words like "coordination". That thing... motor skills...

Side effects are teh suck. As are the really non-absorbent paper towels in the kitchen.
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Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

(no subject)

And so it begins. Faculty candidate colloquium season.

Just got the first abstract of the season.

It has horribly broken LaTeX.

Have e-mailed the head of the screening committee to basically say "Dude, please fix this". Because I've actually gotten pretty good at fixing LaTeX fuckups, but this guy is talking some pretty esoteric shit, and screwing his abstract up even a little bit = bad.


I'm tired and really nauseous and I wanna go hoooooome....

EDIT: And the university's finance department website is crawling and I really need to get these reimbursements done, dammit...
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Katchoo - Terry Moore

(no subject)

I give up on today.

No Big Stuff. Just - the physical stuff dragging me under.

I need snuggling. Dammit.

As is, I shall just endeavor to stay awake til I can get Miss Kid. Then take a nap. And hope tomorrow's better.
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Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

Ah. That explains that.

Yesterday's rampant horniness + temperamentalness + ludicrous food issues


Today's depression


not pregnant.

I always fail to identify PMS til I'm actually bleeding. Funny, that.

I wonder if my under-the-weatherness of this week is symptomatic of PMS on Trileptal... my body chemistry's changing every damn week...

Anyway. I'm all owie now. *sulk*