January 26th, 2005


Odin's Day

Hello to new readers met at Arisia brute_force and lbitw!

Okay so far today.

Results of yesterday's appointment: She thinks I was bleeding, and wants me to check back in six weeks. "No way to be sure?" I asked. "If it's a hematoma, we don't want to stick a needle into it," she replied.

Okay. I can go with that.

*hugs self*
I think I'm still high on all the touch-comfort from this weekend. I often touch people I like and feel comfy with - the Pooh and Piglet thing.

"Yes, Piglet?"
"Nothing - I just wanted to be sure of you."

This weekend, I got to spend a lot of time with a lot of people who grok and/or are the same way. So. Yay!

Also I got hit on by cute guys, which is always good for the self-esteem.


I am:




Feeling beautiful - because of the way you looked at me.

Not hyper like OMG WHEE!, because it isn't sudden. It's not a change as much as it is a confirmation.

You are quite everything I thought you would be.


This has been my contribution to ""Make a Vague LJ Post about Someone Else Week!"
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You know that version of the Mommy-voice where you sit down with the child and explain why what they did was unacceptable? And you speak quietly and calmly and emphatically? And in very small words?

I should not have to do that at work.

Yes, it is the fucking campus bookstore again.

I need to find out who this guy's boss is. Our Director of Undergraduate Studies has expressed willingness to sign any formal letter of complaint I care to write, and I've sent out an e-mail to all faculty asking them to let me know about any and all bookstore issues so I can include eeeeeverything. E-fucking-nough already.
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LJ Rabbit Hole Day

From crisper, as pimped by superflow:

January 27th is the birthday of Lewis Carrol, author of ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND. Alice fell down a rabbit hole into a place where everything had changed and none of the rules could be counted on to apply anymore. I say, let's do the same: January 27th, 2005 should be the First Annual LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day. When you post on that Thursday, instead of the normal daily life and work and news and politics, write about the strange new world you have found yourself in for the day, with its strange new life and work and news and politics. Are your pets talking back at you now? Has your child suddenly grown to full adulthood? Does everyone at work think you're someone else now? Did Bush step down from the White House to become a pro-circuit tap-dancer? Did Zoroastrian missionaries show up on your doorstep with literature in 3-D? Have you been placed under house arrest by bizarre insectoid women wielding clubs made of lunchmeat?

Let's have a day where nobody's life makes sense anymore, where any random LJ you click on will bring you some strange new tale. Let's all fall down the Rabbit Hole for 24 hours and see what's there. It will be beautiful.

(Lewis Carroll was epileptic, by the way... and you can see a lot of the symptoms in Alice. The feeling of falling, the feeling of things getting bigger and smaller, among other things, are common pre-ictal states.)

(I may do an all in-character Shayara day. Although I'm not sure if it might be copping out, because it's not *new*. But hey. Call me lazy.)
Elayna! - Karlita

My child and inappropriate content

On the way home, she was singing along with the iPod. I have discovered that she does not sing inappropriate words. She self-censors. She did not sing the word "hell" in Flogging Molly's "Rebels of the Sacred Heart".

I wouldn't have been upset with her if she did sing it, mind. It's a song. It's not like she's using it around the house. But no, she hits her internal mute button, and picks up the song on the very next word.


Elayna: "Do you know about the book It? It has one thousand one hundred and four pages?"
Me: "By Stephen King?"
Elayna: "You know Stephen King?"
Me: "Yeah. Why do you know Stephen King?"
Elayna: "A bunch of the boys in class are reading Stephen King. J. is reading It."
Me: "Well... I don't think that's a great idea. Those aren't books for kids."
Elayna: "Why?"
Me: "There's just some very adult content in there."
Elayna: "Yeah. I don't want to read Stephen King."
Me: "Okay, cool."
Elayna: "They use the d-word in there. Not 'darn'. The real d-word."
Me: "Uh-huh."
Elayna: "And it talks about breasts."
Me: "How do you know this?"
Elayna: "J. tried to make me read it, and when I wouldn't, he read it out loud, and it was something about offering a breast. And I just think that's really inappropriate for us to be reading."
Me: "I would have to agree. And he shouldn't be reading that to you when he knows you don't want to hear it."
Elayna: "Yeah. I don't like people reading that stuff, because then they read it out loud, and it's inappropriate to read stuff out loud about a lady offering a man her breast."

She was visibly uncomfortable. So I recommended that she talk to her teacher. As I told her as the conversation progressed, we can't control what other people read, but there are things that shouldn't be discussed in a fourth-grade classroom.

I'm not one of those people who'd be screaming "sexual harassment!!!" if a boy kissed her on the cheek, as seems to happen in many schools these days. But my kid shouldn't have to listen to some kid reading a sex scene out loud.

Hm. Now that I'm writing it, it sounds even worse. I think I'll call the teacher.

And in just-plain-bad-words news, the book also used the word "fucking", so now I've defined that one for her.

Ah, kids.