January 6th, 2005


Thor's Day

Welcome back from deletion-land, techempage. :)

Okay so far. EDIT at 9:00 - Really jittery. REALLY fuckin' jittery. Also? Exhausted.

No repeat of Tuesday night's weirdness... my sleep was disturbed only by Jack slamming his toy mousie against the door over. and over. and over. again.

Why it's hard to get up in the morning
When Adam came in to wake me, he found me lying flat on my stomach... with Jack curled up on my thighs, full-on covering me from my butt to the backs of my knees. And Max stretched pressing against my right leg.

I just don't want to disturb them, you know?
Boondock/can't believe

fucking OW

I have done myself an injury. Ow ow fucking OW.

Note to self - do not spend periods of several hours on two consecutive days bent over a file drawer that's about, um, mid-thigh height, scribbling on files.

Instead, take the files out of the cabinet, like 25 at a time (there are about 130? 150? at this point) and bring them to your desk. This way, you'll only have shoulder & upper back pain.

Whereas when you bend like that, you are stressing the screaming fuck out of your torn disc.

For. Hours.

Not realizing it til you're like an hour in, but hey, at that point, may as well soldier on through....

Ow ow OW.

And now I'm going to go let myself into an empty office and lie down to let my back relax and bite my lower lip to keep from screaming, because that's when my back hurts most - but it always feels better afterward.


(no subject)

Big thing I did today: I cleaned out the car.

There. Now if I get down on myself for being to worn out to accomplish much, I can tell myself "Dude, you cleaned out the car!"

*decisive nod*

(no subject)

* I wonder how much of what's going on in my perceptions is neurological.

* Today wasn't a terrible day. If I have days like this and like Saturday, I can manage. I just have to reroute systems.

* Rerouting... the main cognitive issue right now is just my difficulty in sustaining my train of thought. I need to reroute those circuits.

* Exhaustion... I don't know. I'm doing what I can. I need to keep myself to a strict regimen of resting between activities.

Tomorrow, I'll reward myself - lordandrei gave me Charles de Lint's The Blue Girl (new book by favorite author!) as a $WINTERHOLIDAY gift (arrived today!), so I shall go to JavaMonkey tomorrow for a chai-enhanced reading break. I have been a good girl.