January 5th, 2005


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to sinboy and solitaryvixen!

Hello to new reader erotic_kitty!

Face tingly. The feeling of painfully clear sinuses. Feeling slightly off, mentally. Vision just slightly off, too. Exhausted. Again.

Elayna Update
That dentist was a fucking asshole to Elayna. Pompous bastard. There are a few other dentists in that group, and I'm going to interview them before I let them loose on her mouth. That guy? Never again. The verdict, though, is that she'll be fine as long as she loses the baby tooth by June; the new sharklike tooth will grow into place.

And the excellent news: She's getting more lines in the school play, Wonderland! She was just a tourist with two lines... which disappointed her, but she understood why. She's brand new to drama club, and they didn't know if she'd stick around or be any good. But now they know that she's committed and can be trusted - and is good, and good at memorizing her lines, etc...

Oh, you should've seen her face when the teacher told her. That was wonderful. And her voice went up so high - "Really?!"

Mmm. That's all for now, I b'lieve.
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How long has it been that I've been cocooned like this? How many months?

I lose track. Lke when I pulled all of myself into this turtleshell, I pulled my watch in too, and now I've no way to gauge relative time.