January 4th, 2005


Tew's Day

Face hurts a little. Had a moderately bad reaction last night - face and vision & cognitive.

Going to start cutting the nighttime dose tonight. Going to e-mail the doc today just to keep her apprised of my progress.

I *heart* e-mail.

EDIT at 8:25: Vision.

EDIT at 9:35: Serious exhaustion.

I've been absolutely shitty about responding to e-mail lately, because I'm still unable to respond to Gmail at work, and I'm rarely on the computer at home - just when I'm writing, and when I'm writing, I'm quite deliberately not on the web!

When I get home today: put laundry in the dryer, 2HC column, e-mail, moving anthologies to bookcases behind loveseat. Putting certified copy of marriage license in purse so I can start doing name-changes here at work tomorrow.

Okay. That is all.
Sick Hippo

(no subject)

Random medical note... have I mentioned that Trileptal's been making my eyes and mouth really dry? Because it has.

But my nausea's at an all-time low, and I can think when I'm not within 2-4 hours of medication, so. Better.

EDIT at 10:00: Okay, officially not a good day, medically speaking.

(no subject)

Dear Landlady:

Stop coming over. I mean, you were over last night to talk to Adam about the water company. Why are you in the backyard today rapping at my office window and waving?

We pay you money each month to rent this house. That gives us a right to expect to be left alone, unless we are doing something wrong. We are not doing anything wrong. Please repress your urge to micromanage us. And please do not come over and stare in my office window when I'm trying to write a 2HC column.


Dear Adam,

Home ownership is a beautiful thing. Let's discuss!


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