January 1st, 2005

Magical Drama Queen Roxy!


Happy New Year!

They say that what you do on New Year's Day will set the tone for what you do the rest of the year. So far, I haven't done anything particularly exciting, but what I have done has gone very well. Sounds silly, being excited about mundane stuff, but I am a silly girl.

* Breakfast at the really good bagel place. Got a really good, nice, funny waiter. :)

* Food shopping. Got our favorite cashier, and a really nice and actually intelligent bagger (baggers tend to be monosyllabic and sullen). Between in-store coupons and specials, we saved $20 - and part of that was buy-one-get-one-free on the items we actually use the most, stuff like pasta and chicken noodle soup (Elayna's current favorite food). And there were other discounted things, including a pair of very nice around-the-house Dearfoams slippers (read: bedroom slippers with traction) for $3! My feet are always so cold...

* I had energy! Still do! This is the first time in months that I've actually had the energy to make it through grocery shopping! And when I got home, I put away lots of the groceries! Big change from having to drag my ass to the tables outdoors after four aisles or so, then collapse on the couch when I get home.

That third one is the most important, of course. So. Cutting back to 600mg in the morning has really helped! I could see and walk just fine, and, well, if I crash out later, at least I'll have had energy in the morning. :) My days have been pretty good for the last week, side-effect-wise. Nights, not as much; I only had one really bad night. And Kires reports that, when my face hurts, it actually turns red. Something to let the neuro know. But I'm allowed to cut the evening dose back to 600mg as well. I just have to do it gradually. Will start next week.


Oh, also - I have a written plan for the big house chores. Because I'm moving around big things, bookcases and tables and the like, I need to do everything in a specific order. Now I've got that written down, so I don't just stand there thinking "I need to move the anthology cases - but I need to move the table leaf - and what about the comic boxes? - and - and - oh, dude, I need a cookie." I have all the steps written down in the necessary order.

And Adam and I have crossed three big things off the master to-do list. :)

Happy 'song!

We're taking the rest of today as a writing day; him for his Bookslut column, me for a special project that I'm not going to jinx myself by talking about, because if my brain does crash and I don't get it done, I don't want people to be disappointed. But if I get it done - it'll be a lot of fun.

Yay new year!
Writing - XanaDuMalion


So X'Ana and I were working on a calendar, see? But that didn't happen in time. Poor X'Ana has had a *lot* on her plate.

But I wanted to do something anyway.

So on the first of each month, I shall endeavor to give you what the calendar page would've been.

You love me, yes?

So I'm going to describe what the picture would've been, and I'm going to give you a tiny storybit featuring the character of the month. These will generally be new bits, but this month's character just loves his intro in issue #3 so much that that's what he wants you to see. I sat down to write something else anyway, but what I got was *way* too long for the format. And it ended up going in some directions that weren't him-specific. I may post it in pieces later, because it does not suck. I think that it's pretty strong.

But anyway. In a separate post, so that people who choose to memory the post can get it without my blathering. Napalm is our January boy.
Writing - XanaDuMalion

Shayara Calendar - January

Napalm, facing the "camera" dead-on; he's leaning back just a little, right foot back, arms extended, in a typical comic-book fireball-throwing pose. And even though his fireballs don't show up on film, we can see that he's got one hovering between his palms now. Yes, visually see, because we're drawing him. He's very grateful for that.

He's wearing his trenchcoat, his boots, all of the "armor" that he wears in his attempt to be a badass. And he's trying to look tough and arrogant and nonchalant, but you can tell that he's actually really freakin' *giddy*, because look! Look! He can blow shit up! So cool!

Start with a home-video-camera view of Napalm. He says, "Aisling Fisher. Napalm. I blow shit up."

Next panel, voice from behind camera (Johnathan): "Why do you always have to say that?"

Napalm rolls his eyes. "Dude. It's my whaddayacall. Catchphrase. Okay?"

Snort from Johnathan.

Napalm crosses his arms, smug. "You're just jealous that *you* don't have a catchphrase."

Johnathan: "I could have one if I wanted one. Ummm... 'Raven! He comes by night!'"

Napalm doubles over laughing. "Comes by night? Dude. No. So wrong!"

Camera tips down to show the ground. "Hey. Beavis. Do you wanna do this or not?"

Camera swings back up to him. Napalm composes himself. "Yeah, sure. Lemme pose."

He strikes the familiar fireball-throwing pose, arranges himself so his "good side” faces the camera, tries his best to look serious. "Aisling Fisher. Napalm. I blow shit up."

Static shot of him facing the camera. Then Johnathan moves the camera, and we see through his eyes: Napalm's wielding a crackling ball of raw energy, but the camera's obviously not picking it up. Camera. Johnathan. Camera. Johnathan.
Johnathan: "The fireball's not showing up on camera, man."

Napalm, exasperated, drops his hands. "What? Aw, no..." ...and he has obviously forgotten that he was holding a frickin' fireball, because the pine needles beneath him ignite with a fwoomp. He yelps and jumps away. We see Johnathan now as he grabs the fire extinguisher he had Just In Case and sprays the area. Napalm starts laughing, full-on belly-laugh, as Johnathan rolls his eyes...
Writing - XanaDuMalion

And what I wrote.

I already knew, from a conversation that I've yet to type up between Napalm and Lyric, that Napalm has a big-ish family, and that Tessa reminds him of his sister.

It only makes sense for them to stop by when they're in the area.

So. What I wrote continues beyond this; if people care to read, I can post more. But this is where it starts, with a typical Napalm phrase...

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