November 18th, 2004


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to dandelion_diva!

Hello to new readers emu_bitter_babe and mgrasso, and returning reader misskitten77!

Just popped the pills. Watch this space!

I don't know that I expect a lot of difference today; the new instructions cut my nighttime dose in half, but only reduce my morning dose by 25mg. Here's hoping... EDIT: 8:35 - double vision hits. EDIT: 9:35 - vision is merely quite-boogly. Nausea is mostly moderate with only brief flashes of severe. Staggery balance stuff is only of the sort that's explainable with double vision. Oh yes. This is MUCH better.

Being a mother...
...means creating an emergency costume when your child tells you the night before an event that she needs to wear a costume the next day.

Favorite character in a favorite book. She is wearing an old-fashioned-looking black velvet dress with heavy lace 'round the bottom and sleeves, her hair tied back with a ribbon, and is carrying a small baby doll upon which I have drawn four very sharp teeth. Guess the character!

Yeah, okay, I've given up. Too much to do with the little time that I have relatively unscrambled brainmeats. I'll do it again maybe in February, if my brain has settled then.

Busy Busy
Am still not reading friends-page.

Still Tired
In bed by 9:30 last night. Elayna poked me at 7, concerned - "Are you allowed to nap?"

I must write some damn thank-you notes. I'm way behind.

A Week from Today
Holy shit, it's nearly Thanksgiving! *sends Evite*

Two and a Half Weeks from Today
Holy shit, it's almost $WINTERHOLIDAY! *sends Amazon order* The Tibetan mandala kit won't get here til late January! But her birthday's in March, so that's okay.

Mmm. More later.
Writing - XanaDuMalion

Arisia (

Well, I had a lovely time last year, so I'm doin' it again! And yes, I want to see/meet/hang out with people.

Aaaand there's the possibility of doing a reading. Which is intimidating. Hell, I've been on panels; I popped that cherry last year. But this'd be just-me.

But it'd be good practice.

I dooooon't knoooow. /gir-voice

Arisia = con in Boston, January 21-23.

Are you going to Arisia?


Should I do a reading?

Writing - photo

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My exhaustion is near-complete.

But I wrote something at lunch.

No matter what else I do or don't do, if I can do a bit of writing, I'll be okay.

The vision and balance stuff is MUCH better... and I'm sure that the Lamictal clearing out of my system will help immensely. I guess I'll know in a month or so if I can live on the Trileptal.


I have things to say, but they keep falling out of my head.

I have gotten a big chunk of my holiday shopping done, though, which pleases me. I need to get to Decatur to finish that up.

And I'm feeling reasonably alert. I can write some thank-you notes and then maybe - *gasp* - read for pleasure!

I think I'll likely only do one or two panels, or a panel and a reading, at Arisia. I did three last year, but my side effects then were significantly less brutal. avivasedai is right in that I shouldn't commit to much, not knowing what my body will be able to handle. But I do want to do *something*, if only because the idea of my body preventing me from doing anything at *all* pisses me right the hell off.

Likewise for my Florida visit this winter - morenasangre was right in that I oughtn't to plan a Big Disney Day, seeing as I sometimes get tired just walking from my office to the parking deck. I'm just so used to assuming that I can do anything.

Not givin' up there. Just temporarily rethinking.

Not gonna be like this forever. I refuse. That's not denial. That's just me being a stubborn little bitch. :)

zarhooie has apparently written Shayara fanfic. I am afraid. I am very afraid. But I am also very curious.

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The danger of having gift certificates is that one starts eyeing stuff like the $75 genealogical chart of Greek mythology, and the $50+ neurology books.

I WANT these things. Oh yes.

But I also really want the new Charles de Lint and the new Kage Baker and the new Christopher Moore and Dodgeball and and and...

I can't have everything. *pout*

And my mom asks me what I want for Chanukah, and I remind her that I have a wishlist, and she says "But that's all books and DVDs and stuff!"

But I liiiiike books. And DVDs. And stuff.

This is going to be a bakeware thing. Where my parents don't buy me what I want because they want to be showy and get me a Big Thing. I don't want a Big Thing this year. I got the iPod, I got the Clie, I don't need any more Big Things. 'Cept a laptop, but I'm 99.9% sure that's out of range.

But this is like playing Tetris with money, man. What combination of Big Things and little things will match this amount as closely as possible?