November 10th, 2004



My brain is in vacation. Stumbling like a drunk already.

I don't really have the coordination to type.

The heater is not fixed. I'll let Adam tell the story of the heater-repair company. Just - aagh.

But the guy saw last week that we needed a new electrical thingie - and he didn't look any further. Turns out that the pipes were rusted and a vent was broken.

So today they're coming over to measure for a new furnace, as the landlady would rather to that then deal with the upfuckedness of patching stuff up. Yay landlady!

I'm so tired.

There's a Donkey (from Shrek) Chia pet at CVS, Adam says. I'm gonna go get it at lunch. Because Elayna really wants a Chia pet.

I'll be okay by lunchtime. I was yesterday.

EDIT: Not staggering anymore, but my eyes are really messed up. Seeing-stuff wise. EDIT: Around 11:30, 11:45, my eyes got suddenly REALLY dry.

So completely exhausted. Trying to not fall asleep.
Starfire/Huh? Wtf?

Note to psycho

(This is to a particular psycho nutjob. Not a general notice.)

Um. I have a sitemeter. Which tells me when you visit my LJ. You have a very distinctive company name, you know.

I've kickbanned you, to use old IRC terminology. You don't get to have any input here. And you obviously dislike me, per your repeated outright insane harassment of me in numerous posts and comment threads.

Sooooo... why are you obsessively checking my journal every day?

Not looking for an answer, of course, as I did indeed kickban you after the flood of bile that made people who actually know you decide that you are clinically insane. Just letting you know that you're more mentally deficient than even we thought if you think that your obsession is unnoticed.
Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

Grr. Argh.

For some reason, I can't get 'most anywhere on the web today. I discovered this when I tried to click stuff from Google. Nothing would load. My test site for "did the internet go away" are Google and Amazon; Google loads, but Amazon doesn't.

I'm quite surprised that LJ's loading. loaded as well. I've happily highlighted panels to do and e-mailed the programming person. From my account, as I still can't sent from Gmail at work. Which is making frustration for DocOrion and Monkey and I, because conversations have to jump back and forth from my work e-mail to my Gmail, becaise I can't send from my work e-mail at home. And I don't use my e-mail if I can help it, because it times out every 15 minutes. I hate Spry with a burning passion, but I cannot switch til Yendi manages to recover my archived e-mail. And Spry is giving unfollowable instructions for that. Grr. Argh.

I am having a frustrating internet day.

It will get slightly better later. Not necessarily the internet part, but the day. Because the guys are coming over to measure for the new furnace. And if I can get the kidlet on her homework ASAP, I'll have time to write my TwoHeadedCat column before I fall down go boom. And will quite possibly have some fiction-writing time so I can work on Shawn's journal for my NaNoWriMo. w00t.
Short Chick - khaosworks

(no subject)

It's not every day that I get to break up an almost-fistfight.

"Almost" as in fist-already-raised.

The mommy-voice came out. The mommy-voice is a powerful voice indeed. I probably quite embarrassed the student workers, but frankly, I don't give a shit. If you act like you're a particularly poorly-behaved eight-year-old, I will treat you like one, and that includes the use of the mommy-voice and being sent to opposite corners of the room and being forbidden to talk to each other until their father comes home their boss gets back from lunch. And I worked very noisily in the fileroom until I was certain that they weren't going to start it back up in the near future, and the professors closest to their area have been advised to come get me if they hear a peep outta them.

I got enough shit to deal with. Y'all do not try to beat each other up in my presence.


I have an adrenaline rush now.