November 2nd, 2004


Election Day!

Happy birthday to linithiliel!

Election Day
I'm going to be a nervous wreck all. day. My co-secretary and I are going to be hitting reload on all day. Like rats in a behavioral experiment.

As Adam is home with Elayna and my vision is weird, I hitched a ride to work with jet_li_wannabe; can anyone give me a ride home? At 4:30ish?

I woke up thinking today was Friday.

Sad 'song. :(

I did haul my sleepy ass out of bed in time to take down and put away all of the Halloween decorations. Except the tree-ghosts. Adam's working on those.

Dude, we got some cool stuff at 50% off last night. We got the lighted metal tree I'd been drooling over! And the cool "Beware of Bats" sign! And a tablecloth! And more! For cheap! Yay! I am glad that I insisted on the tombstone when we were there before Halloween, as there weren't any left...

I will do chores, I will I will! Got some thank-you notes done yesterday. And Adam and Elayna are going to bust ass on her closet today, and Adam's going to reorganize the kitchen cabinets to make room for all of our wedding loot.

Wedding Loot
Dude. We have $450 in gift certificates.

And I got a postcard yesterday that informed me that we get 15% off stuff from our registry through late November.

And verily I say w00t.

Vision upfucked. Nausea mild.

Cleared 2,000 words last night. I'm not going to give you a running total here, I don't think... I have the meter at the top of my page, and you can check it out if you're interested. I *heart* the meter. Visual tracking is of the good.

Vote. Vote. Vote. Get the hell out there and vote, y'all.

That is all.
Fizzgig! - velvetsteel


Vibrating with tension. So full of adrenaline that I'm actually hungry. *munches granola bar*

Gotta get out of here for lunch. I am all 'splody. Aaaaagh.

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Okay, now I'm shleepy.

Ate. Transcribed more of the Halloran & Julia thing that I wrote in the car.

Wrote a tiny NaNo niblet. Fenris. I love Fenris.

Adrenaline crash.

I'm gonna be up aaaaaall night. *yawn*
I'm blogging this

*eyeroll* *grin*

Guy on Gilmore Girls, to Rory, having presented her with a dress: "I have an eye for dress sizes."

Adam: "He's got one hell of an eye for dress sizes."

Me: "Well, he looks like the kind of guy who'd be ogling girls a lot."

Adam: "But that's not off the rack."

I look at the TV, then back at him. "Yes, it is."

Adam: "But it fits her perfectly!"

Comprehension dawns.

Me: "Honey? Women who are not me? Wear standard dress sizes. They don't have to have all of their clothing extensively altered. They just buy a dress. And it fits."

He honestly didn't realize that women can buy clothing that fits.

Do you realize now how nonstandard I am? *laugh*


Okay. I'm a Democrat through and through. No question.

But someone needs to shut Al Sharpton the fuck up. Seriously. Get some duct tape or something. That man... no words, man.

Weld, on the other hand, was great. Yes. The Republican came off way better than the Democrat.

Gnomes in Zurich. Hee!

Seriously. Sharpton? This is who they send to the Daily Show? Sharpton?!?
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