October 13th, 2004

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Happy birthday to fireborn, hjem, and rustymarble!

Hello to new reader davidcook!

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Elayna Update
First report card! They've flipflopped it - it used to be that threes were the highest grade and ones the lowest. Elayna climbed into the car saying, "Mommy, I got a lot of ones, but ones are good now!"

She did, and they are. A good balance of ones and twos. Last year, I'd've been upset by the number of twos, but this is a new level, this fourth-and-fifth-grade class. So it's natural that she's making progress in things and hasn't mastered everything. She's mastered almost everything that I know she can do.

She only got two threes - memorizing math facts and band & strings. Yes, enough kids are in band & strings that it's actually on the fourth-and-fifth-grade report card now. She got ones in all of the math basics and ones and twos in algebra and geometry and stuff, so I don't know what math facts she's not getting, but that's what parent-teacher conferences are for.

Band & strings - well, she hasn't been practicing flute at home. Because she isn't doing her homework in her after-school program. So she comes home, does homework, eats dinner, does homework, showers, goes to bed. I need to talk to her after-school care group leader about the homework thing. I mean, I appreciate the activities they're doing, but I think homework needs to be a priority.

Anyway, report card = good, overall. There shall be a treat in her future.

I miss the hell out of Master. I should be in Boston taking care of him. *fret*

Shitshitshit. Really bad side effects day. Veryvery nauseous - which sucks even more because I need more coffee, but am way too nauseous to ingest anything - and incredibly brainscattery, major difficulty concentrating. Plus exhaustion, because I've been having extreme difficulty getting to sleep... and I had a nightmare last night that I had to wrench myself out of, resulting in remaining awake for at least an hour.
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Faculty Search

You know, I'm all for discarding the applications of people who can't follow simple instructions.

EDIT: Aaaand I am abruptly menstruating. I blame a certain chick on my friends-list who just posted about PMS (it's a locked post, is why I won't say who). I read that, and my body suddenly said "Hey! We ought to do that. Just remind 'song that she's not pregnant. Even though it's been only 22 days since the last time. And she hasn't had sex since then, so she's not really worried. Just, y'know, to reassure her that there's been no immaculate conception."


Saving grace - lunch with a cute boy today.

ALSO EDIT: I do like it when people who screw up and therefore make my job difficult admit to doing so, and apologize.
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static_eddie's in the space/time continuum

I love love love having lunch with that boy.

But we always run over on the lunch "hour"... *eyes timestamp*

But. Yes. There are certain people who I tend to lose time talking to and all of a sudden I look at my watch and yikes! kires being another example.

But yes.

We're both talkers and listeners. And that equals long lunches. *laugh*

EDIT: And also, lunch with static_eddie means chai. First chai I've had in what, a month? Yay chai!
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Side effect log: Words taking time to make sense. Ability to automatically and instinctively spell words is in and out. Have to concentrate hard at times, not at others.

Not doing any more detail-oriented work today. Risk of major fuckup too high.

Getting all regress-y.