September 27th, 2004



Happy birthday to the fantabulous wispfox!

Welcome back to LJ, melilots!

Procrastination was successful in that I did not get any satisfactory writing done. I ended up getting brainfoggy and falling asleep on the couch. Which resulted in me being up til about 2. And being exhausted today.

I love my daughter. But if she climbs all over me one more morning, I swear...

I am not a social person in the AM. I need to wake up gradually. I need to not have a child who is over half my weight flop down on my stomach, elbow my boob with all of her weight for leverage when I tell her to get off my stomach, and then lay on my legs. I need to not have this. There will be A Talk tonight.

All I need is like 10 minutes of peace and quiet, and then I'm set for the day, I swear.

This did not contribute to good mommy/daughter interaction this morning, as I had to tell her to change clothes again, as the shirt she was wearing was apparently designed for a kid who's already got breasts. Since she has nothing to fill it out on the sides, that deep notched neckline just slides around her chest and exposes her entire upper chest. Probably including what little she's got.

I am sick of doing the wardrobe dance. And so is she. And she's at the stage where she doesn't want to wear anything that her classmates have already seen. Ugh.

Love my child. Hate mornings.

I am wearing piggie socks.

No, placesyouhaunt is not pining for the fjords. It is not an ex-story. I just haven't been writing much lately. Exhaustion. Will be remedying that.

*does the "up to no good" dance*

I go now.
Capri - xanadumalion

Fifth Grade Flashback

Hi! Please check a box and send the note back to me.

Do you like me?


Do you like me like me?


*plays with her gummi bracelets*

(I am feeling childish and dorky today.)
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Note for those who don't read on the weekend. I posted a picture of my daughter.

I just look at her sometimes and am simply awed at how incredibly beautiful she is. I tell her - but I try not to tell her too much, because I don't want her to get conceited.

And tell her more that she's a good person and that she's smart than I tell her she's beautiful.

But damn. I look at her sometimes, and I'm just struck silent.

Limited LJing

The short version is this:

I'm pursuing an opportunity here at work that would give me exactly what I need - reduced hours, with duties compressed so that I'm constantly on-task. Which I prefer to dicking around online, truly I do! And I'd be working in a position that allows me to focus more on organization and planning and less on dealing with clueless undergrads. And just... just better for me, in a lot of ways that I'm too brainfogged to go into right now.

Also, the excitement of working with the expanded resources that the grant we've applied for would be giving us... which would highly impact that position... mmm... building a structure from the ground up...

Well. Yes.


The point: I need to be on my very best behavior. So. Posting will be VERY limited, if any posting, and friends page? Nuh-uh. Just as an FYI. If I'm on during the day, I'll be on at lunch - and maybe not even then, because I tend to do writing during lunch...


The point: You shall be seeing less of me. Which is probably a good thing for your overwhelmed friends-pages!
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* Much rain. Much wind.

* Big huge work project started today! Glee! I got to implement all of the improvements I'd devised. Yay! *does the "I rock" dance*

* For the project, I needed to use two different colors. So of course I used purple and green. Because I cannot pass up an opportunity to reference both the Legendary Pink Dots and Babylon 5.

* One of the trees behind our building is so close to falling. Problem is, with all of the storms, these trees are saturated to the core... this tree was at an extreme angle. It may just collapse gracefully with a gentle sigh, but if I come in tomorrow and there's a hole in the building, I am turning around and going home. I think that's fair.

* The post I wrote about not writing in LJ on company time - I wrote it at lunch. So don't worry. :)

* I'm gonna be a bridesmaid! In dark green velvet! Yay!

* I wish I could have LEWD tonight. But alas. Unsafe driving conditions.

* *squee!* New James Alan Gardner book is here! I go now!
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(no subject)

It is terribly amusing to discover that you know someone well enough to figure out which friend of his he's talking about - simply by his mention of the friend's height.

When you have never met said friend's friend, mind.

In other news: Reminder to self to post about differences of perception in sexual energy, initiation, etc.

And Dreams Underfoot.
Sister Mystic - X'Ana/Shrijani


More rain than Ivan. And not near as windy - but still windy enough to spin my floor-length swirly skirt up around my hips when I danced.

My feet are tingly. And I left four-toed footprints when I re-entered the carport.

Moon and wind, shadow and song.