September 13th, 2004


Monday Monday

Happy birthday to triskadekaphile and malver!

Hello to new readers dream_labyrinth, interactiveleaf, stripedsocks, royannadawn, siliconshaman, stgabriel, and ziggy_prime! Damn. When theferrett points over here, people come a'runnin'... fair warning, guys, I'm not always funny. :)

Being Funny
I'm sometimes envious of people like yendi and scouseboy, who're just naturally funny. I'm not a naturally funny person. I have other strengths, I'm sure. My ability to make people cry by doing horrible things to my characters probably counts as one... (I still feel all guilty about showing the that Death of a Major Character thing, irana - I didn't know she was your favorite!)

A note about Shayara
I was just telling yendi this morning that I'm going to be putting a primary character in a coma after the big battle, and it reminded me of something I'd been mulling over on my walk last night - no character is safe. No one.

And if you notice that they're getting a little dependent on the powers or general skills of any one character, that's probably a sign that that character will soon be dead or disabled. Gotta keep the characters on their toes. Just like real life - nothing's a given.

It's like a slice of life comic. If your life happens to be that of a member of a race that existed before humans and you have psychic powers and stuff and are fighting to take back your ancestral home from an evil psycho Council and stuff, and, if you're Julia, adjusting to being the reincarnated ruler of your people and stuff.


A note about other writing
For those who don't read over the weekend... placesyouhaunt has another bit of story in it. Doodle remembering Crystal.

A cancelled poll
I wanted to do a poll on your favorite set of Wonder Twins - Marvin & Wendy vs. Zan and Jayna - but yendi pointed out that no one would choose Marvin and Wendy. I mean, Zan and Jayna had a space monkey.

Speaking of Monkeys
Most of my ideas for 2HC columns right now are comics-geek-oriented; I don't want to declare that that's all that the column will be, though. Want to leave myself room to be stream-of-consciousness.

Like this post.



Plans... solidifying...

Okay! I finally got my parents to commit to a travel date.

I will be in South Florida - Ft. Lauderdale area - from Thursday (evening), September 30 through Sunday, October 3!

Yay for getting my hair done by my usual stylist. Boo for being with my parents. Ah, well.

Anyway! Since azagthoth already asked - yes, I'd like to do a South Florida LJfriends get-together. I'm busy on Saturday night, but Friday is wide open.

I don't think there are many of you down there, but... if you're in South Florida and are free for dinner on Friday, October 1, let me know, and it shall be done. I'll create a filter so's not to spam everyone else.

This is so pissing me off.

On hold. For a long, long time.

Need to change opthalmologist appointment because, duh, they're gonna dilate my eyes - and my eyes tend to take 6+ hours to un-dilate.

So, um, I won't really be able to get much work done tomorrow if I get my eyes dilated at 9 AM...

Which would be fine if I had some sick time to take, but I don't.

So. Changing the appointment to an afternoon. If they ever pick up the fucking phone.

Yendi has been driving lately. Work to Elayna's school daily. Yay Yendi! So this would be his first time driving with Miss Kid in the car. He'll do fine...

These people need to pick up the fucking phone, seriously.

EDIT: Yeesh. October. At least that'll give yendi more time to practice driving.
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Capri - xanadumalion


11 pages of writing done at lunch.

Granted, it was all porn, and in a blank book so it's not on 8 1/2 x 11" -paper, but I consider that to be a decent amount of productivity....
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I am a girl, and I require immediate Hot Girl-on-Girl Action, please.

Hell yeah.

...yeah. I'm obsessed. It's been almost a year since I've played with a girl, and that was only for one fleeting night. Oh, and a bit at Arisia, too. But. Lo, I am depraved deprived.

Yes, still absolutely diggin' the guys. Rrow. But I'm In A Mood.
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What are you doing, Dave?

(Link from hasfartogo - thanks!)

Mad Hal named 'top sci-fi moment'
2001: A Space Odyssey
The scene when computer Hal becomes insane in 2001: A Space Odyssey has been named the most important moment in sci-fi history by a panel of experts.

The moment from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film was chosen by science fiction experts including Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson and UFO investigators.

It beat scenes including the chest-bursting sequence from Alien and the final massacre of Blake's Seven.

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The Plan

For those who worry about my fucked-up body -

I see the doctor on Friday anyway, so I'll ask her then what needs to be done to put me on disability. AND I'll ask her for a referral to the nutritionist.

I may have to go to the neuro re: disability. But since I will be in the office of a doctor on Friday, I will ask then and there.

Because I can't work with this shit. Fantasizing about hot chicks aside, today's been hell.