September 8th, 2004



Happy birthday to bheansidhe, blergeatkitty, and ceolyn!

Welcome back to LJ, icybright! EDIT: Um. Or not. That was fast.

Other Administration
Dude, if you find yourself off my reading list, please do not be insulted. It's me cocooning. I'm cutting down a lot. Gradually. And again, if you don't really want to be reading me, you can wander off. That's perfectly cool. Most of the cutting I'm doing is just of people that I don't have interaction with, as my attention is getting pulled in so many directions. I assure you, if it's personal, you'll know it, but so far none of it has been. I mean, I've cut over a hundred so far. It's driving me nuts to do it, because I like everyone... *sigh* 'twill be a gradual process.

Bookcases are currently $99 at Office Depot. I like shopping Office Depot because they do free delivery, and free delivery is of the good, especially as regards heavy stuff like bookcases. I just wish I knew when they were going to go on sale for $30 again. I want to shelve mythology & folklore, dammit.

Free Will Astrology
For a decade I've enjoyed observing the long growing cycle of the persimmon tree in my front yard. Its new leaves bud in February, but its fruits aren't ready to eat until December. This July there was an event I've never seen in previous years. A branch became so heavy with ripening persimmons that it broke off and fell to the ground. While it was sad at the time, I now notice that the persimmons on the remaining branches are bigger than they usually are in September. I expect that around Christmas time, I may have fewer blooms than in previous years, but they'll be of record-breaking size. The entire scenario I just described is an apt metaphor for your year, Pisces. Whatever you lost a couple of months ago will result in you getting fewer but bigger rewards by the end of 2004.

Dude. iPod?

I deserve like 12 iPods.

And a pony.

Two invites left.
Capri - xanadumalion

Identity Crisis

Okay. Identity Crisis. DC's big event this year.

Which is kicking all sorts of ass.

I'm not going to summarize here, because I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who might be waiting for the trade paperback, but Yendi and I were having this discussion, and I thought I'd bring it here for further discussion and debate and stuff...


And why?

And what's your line of reasoning?

Note: There'll be spoilers in comments. Duh.

So. Readers - go ahead. Talk to me.
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I'm gonna be writing a column for TwoHeadedCat now.

Your job, dear readers, is to come up with a title for said column.

Never mind. Became blindingly obvious. Column will be called Set Phasers on Random. :)

I am shleepy.