August 30th, 2004


Monday.... + Trip Report

On four hours of sleep...

Happy birthday to kinkzkat/dk_leathers and anotherjen!

Hello to new readers boutrell and davew1775, and in-person-acquainted new reader betnybean!

I always worry when I get new readers when I'm on vacation, as they're likely unaware that I post a lot.

In very brief!

Oh gods I needed that. *flops theatrically on imaginary bed* It's been a pretty stressful few weeks, medically, and I hadn't seen volta in far too long... and yeah. I *really* needed this trip.

It never feels like a "visit", when I'm with him. It's just us, together. Does that make sense?

Anyway. Neither he nor I were feeling 100% healthy, so we spent more time simply hanging out than Going Out And Doing Stuff, which worked well for both of us...

Brunch was verra nice. Some of our "definite yes"s from the poll were no-shows... y'all, accurate headcount is important. But I got to meet ayalanya, who is nearly unbearably cute, and see wispfox and ragingamazon again, and I'd met cheshyre/ribarambles briefly at Arisia, and it was nice to get to actually talk to and hang out with her. :) Post-brunch, we went to a used bookstore, where I got a Vegas book that's been on my wishlist, and ayalanya and I got the same Hindu-goddess book, the title of which escapes me at the moment. We're both Kaligeeks. It's silly. :) And I went to the Diesel, which is like visiting JavaMonkey is for Atlanta visitors. :) Very nice to hang out with people; I'm just sorry I stopped being good company around, what, 3? when the exhaustion hit.

The bad: I discovered a whole new kind of body crash. Like a blood sugar crash, but far, far worse and far more abrupt.

And... my flight home was delayed. Three hours. I got home at 2. I was supposed to get home at around 11. I got home at 2. Thankfully I had books and paper, so I read Cryptonomicon and horribly traumatized one of my Shayara characters and put her in a coma. War is hell.

The good: I got a free round-trip flight out of the ordeal... guilt at spending money on something solely for my own benefit was the only thing preventing me from going down to the beach house. So now I'm going down to the beach house. :)

And the overwhelming good, of course, was all of the time spent with volta. *beam* This was very much of the good, oh yes. :)

I love Master. :)

I am sooooo tired...

Brain explodey

Actually had to go home at lunch just to get Girl Scout scheduling straightened out in my head. Aaagh.

That, and I tidied up some. Heh. Running around the house with a fist full of Cheerios, eating as I cleaned. It is so very glamorous to be me.

Reminder to self: Call mom, get hair stuff scheduled. Ask her if my aunt can sew me a dress, as the one I got on eBay is substandard. And call AirTran, find out when I can get that free flight so I can go immerse myself in salt water.

Elayna is apparently quite good at the flute. ashlupa wasn't expecting her to pick this stuff up as quickly as she did. I am a proud mama.
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Best mail day EVAR.

* Four mix CDs from slipjig and rafaela
* A very ironic pin from rubian77
* A card from my beloved morenasangre
* A wedding announcement with a pretty picture of thejunebug and freyaskat. Who met in my comment threads. I helped!
* A Swedish moose! From Sweden! And my very favorite ginger-dark-chocolate bars! From soph_nyc
* Blog-A-Thon checks from RAINN from thejunebug and sylverice2

Dude, *seriously* kick-ass mail day - thanks, guys! *squishy hugs*

And that was all in my P.O. Box.... best thing evar was in our regular street mailbox.

Our wedding invitation. :)