August 26th, 2004


Thursday Thursday Thursday

* First day of classes.

* I am wearing a suit. A SKIRT-suit. Charcoal grey & black.

* Someone bought me mah coffeepot off my wedding registry. w00t. Isn't it cute? It is verra cute.

* Yes, my registry is mostly-pricey, but that's because Yendi's mom's friends have lots of money and he's her only child and it's his first wedding.

* I would like to point out that he's the one asking for the $370 Kitchenaid mixer, and I'm the one asking for the $10-$20 bakeware. And I actually bake.

* The china is a pure indulgence. But hey. We entertain. I like pretty things. It is our wedding, and people will want to buy us pretty things.

* I have discovered that the way to get comments on a placesyouhaunt entry is to say "I do not know if I like this; I may excise it".

* I am tired and fighting off a massive headache...


I'm going to Boston tomorrow!


Hamsters for Kerry!

There are T-shirts. There's a game.

There's a blog.

I was a hamster in Sandra Kay Daniel's second-grade classroom at the Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, FL when the President came in and read the lesson together with the class, September 11th, 2001.

I just want to say how disturbing it is to look back on this event. I am troubled when I find that I have no good answer for why the secret service didn't get the President out of the class room immediately upon hearing the second plane hit the towers and our country was under attack.

As a hamster, I am very quick to respond to any or all signs of danger. I am always on the look out for a predator, seen or unseen, and I am ready to run for my life if I get the slightest whiff of a Cat or a Dog or anything with sharp teeth...

I want a T-shirt.


Tomorrow night.



*huge grin*

Yesterday and the day before were horrible, medically. Today is just as bad. But tomorrow night?



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Writing - photo

Icon by someonecatchme

zarhooie threw this together from "stock footage", as it were. I'm posting it here because I want to keep placesyouhaunt strictly fiction, no meta.

But this is weirdly visually very like Doodle. I am pleased.

I do want to create icons for that journal, one "once upon a time" one and one modern one, at the very least. Just to differentiate posts timelinewise. *nod*
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Had lunch with my "other daughter", with some overlap with manifestress, who has made some... interesting acquisitions. I swear, that woman should charge for tours of her house!

Lunch was late, which was actually quite fine, as most of the insanity here takes place in the morning; later lunch = less downtime.

Just have to get through the day and hope that the evening will be better, tensionwise. I'd been fairly okay through now, but now I'm getting edgy.

The flight tomorrow shan't be fun, but the end result will be. :)
Writing - photo


Prompted by a conversation with azurelunatic....

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So. Yes. I don't know if people are aware. So I'm going to try to make it clear.

These days, there are pretty much only two things I'm able to focus on.

1. the shit that's happening to my body, and

2. writing.

And I'm only able to focus on the writing because I'm working really hard at it, and because I have made it a habit; I have worn that groove into my mind, so I always have that.

Second-tier things:
1. Elayna's school-stuff and extracurriculars.
2. Keeping the house reasonably together.
3. Weddingishness.

Everything else in the world is third-tier. And my mind is barely handling second-tier.

The thing with my mind right now is that, for the last month, it's been in self-defense mode - input has been cut. Connections have been rerouted, if not severed altogether.

This isn't a conscious decision on my part. This has just happened, it's just something that my brain has done in self-preservation.

And it's just occurred to me that y'all probably do not know the extent of it.

I have not been maintaining any meaningful contact with anyone other than Elayna, yendi, and volta for this past month - with yendi getting the lion's share simply because he lives here and can access my nonverbals.

I have had intermediate contact with kires, via phone. I've also had low-intermediate contact with my parents, also via phone. Because they call me. I can have a conversation. I'm just not really able to initiate one.

These are the only people I've really been in contact with.

I'm only occasionally glancing at my friends-page, and I've abstractedly noticed that very little of that is sinking in. E-mail's behind as well.

And as Azz pointed out, some of you may have interactions with me that you consider pending.

Please be advised that I'm unaware of anything that I haven't already outlined.

My body is in shutdown mode, enough so that I've gone self-disconnected. I'm not sure if this is unprecedented or not.

Anyway. That's where I am right now.

If you need me, make sure I know, okay? No assumptions.

EDIT: More from Azz, because she's right on.... "There may be quite a few little things that ordinarily you would have reacted to in one way or another that people may be wondering about. You have been simulating ordinary patterns of interaction fairly well, even though you are in fogginess and spindizzy, so someone who is not privy to the meanings behind the "Ouch fall down" moments may incorrectly think that you are at full function and playing it cool. You are simulating full function very well, in words and tone. The fact that you are still talking about interactions with others socially makes it look like you are having more content-full interactions than you seem to be actually having."

I can see this. I told her that, essentially, I am good at "faking it", at seeming to be doing well. If you're not around me in person for long. Pretty much only yendi knows the extent of it, because he's the only one there when I can't maintain my happy-functional thingie anymore.

Regarding Yendi.

yendi is my fiance.

He is not my appendage.

If you do not see him as his own person... you are not worthy of his attention, let alone his friendship.

Some things should not have to be said. Some things should be obvious to anyone.

And common sense should be common, right?

I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't bother to know this man - as he is the best friend I have ever had. An incredible friend, a wonderful guy, and a great dad.

If you don't bother to look at him and see that, it is entirely your loss.

But I am eternally grateful that I see him.


My pre-flight check-in is complete.

I have my boarding pass.

I have my ride to the airport all set - still need to find a ride *back*, but I have a ride *there*.

All I gotta do is throw some clothes in a backpack, and I am good. to. go.

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Brunch is Sunday at 11:00 AM at Doyle's Cafe.

Current attendees: Aelisdeliria, BethR, Cheshyre & her husband, Dalbino83, Mister_Wolf, RagingAmazon, SomeoneCatchMe, Wispfox - and, of course, me & Volta.

Maybes include NomadMWE and IreSprite - y'all, tell me!

SomeoneCatchMe, tell your other friends to RSVP! We need headcount!

Those of you who want to can please give me your contact info; comments on this post are screened, so no one else will see. *decisive nod*

Looking forward to seeing friends & meeting new friends!

Fine, then. Be that way.

kires's cellphone cut out - just as we were discussing the fact that I hate Tolkein with a screaming passion.

Damn brainwashed cellphones.

(We reconnected. He apologized for his phone's reaction to my "heresy".)
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