August 11th, 2004



Happy birthday to islandisee and leatherdykeuk!

EDIT: And bitsyboo, who doesn't list her birthday, but mendoza said!

* Flutes cost over $500! Fortunately, renting-to-own only costs $25-$30 per month. So we go tonight? Tomorrow? Probably tomorrow. To get her a flute. And, since it's on the same street, her sash for Girl Scouts.
* So we called her dojo to see if the times for pre-teen classes have changed... and their phone is "not in service". Did they change? Did they close? We'll be in the shopping center this evening for groceries; we'll check. *fret*

Side Effects
I had a night that made me desperately want to call my doctor this morning and tell her "screw Keppra, I'm going back on straight Lamictal". The agitation came out to play. Couldn't sleep. Brain wouldn't stop. Body wouldn't stop. Wanted to scream. Did make a few growly noises of distress and frustration.

Just reminding myself: I went through a fuckload of really harsh side effects before the Lamictal settled in my system and I was left with only a handful of really harsh side effects. Same here, most likely. Got to keep going.


Back in touch with, um, first best friend, guy I've been friends with since I was four, who disappeared a few years ago; he was just down in FL for his grandma's funeral (suck) and asked my grandma to pass on his e-mail address.

Yay Jeff!
Sick Hippo


Going to try to be quiet-ish for the next few days, as all that's going on in my head is how this medication is making my brain richochet around like a ferrett on acid in a very small box and is making me dizzy - thought-dizzy, not body-dizzy. And also how agitated my body is. Twitch twitch. Like being toxically over-caffeinated. But without actually having any more caffeine than my usual single cup of coffee. Wanting to yell/scream. Wanted to cut last night, but didn't. Be proud!

I have to get through this. I have to get through this. I have to get through this. Because it might get *better*.

It'll just take me, um, at least two months. To stabilize.

But there is not a goddamn thing I can do about that. Two-plus months of this and then maybe no side effects, or minimal side effects.... or running back to Lamictal, do not pass go, do not collect $200, and deal with known side effects.


This is really unpleasant.

Unpleasant is an understatement.

This is Day Two of 200mg/Lamictal and 500mg/Keppra.

I'm going to be going up to 1,000mg of Keppra.

I am not handling 500 well At All. But then, at 300 Lamictal when I was first building up, I was literally falling down...


Anyway. That's really all I can think about. That and Fred the Breast Lump, but hopefully they'll discover on Monday that Fred is benign and I won't have that to worry about.

Just. Really fucking unpleasant.


And that's what's going on in MY world.

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In other news, I don't have to answer any questions anymore that involve anything that I have previously posted anywhere on my LJ. amokk is now handling that for me. :)

He's just always there replying with the correct answer before I get there. *laugh* So I'm officially delegating.
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Left message for doctor, as this stuff may be unusual.

If nothing else, maybe she can tell me how long this usually lasts.

Feel like such a baby. Hate bothering people.