August 2nd, 2004

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Monday, Monday...

* Hello to new reader tessbelle!

* In 9 hours... I get my kid back! Yay! And I get my parents. But it's worth having them in town, because I get my kid back! Yay for Elayna! *dances*

* Locals - no LEWD tonight. Elayna and I both love you all, but we need just-family time on her first day back. :)

Me: "Are you excited about coming home?"
Elayna: "Really excited! You know what else I'm excited about?"
Me: "What?"
Elayna: "The writing marathon!"

Those of you who haven't RSVPed at wmga need to do so. Or we won't have brought enough food, and will only feed the people who've RSVPed.

* I'm tired.

EDIT: When I told Elayna that we now have Invader Zim on DVD, she squeaked incoherently for a few minutes. I think that means she wants to watch it.

And, unbeknownst to her, she has the '90s remake of The Parent Trap (starring little Lindsey Lohan) waiting for her. Right under my old copy of Lisa and Lottie, the book that inspired the movies.
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icybright asked: "You mentioned in the Blog-a-Thon story that Napalm is a very typical L'Arathi...But what about the others, or is it only that House that has physical traits?

All Houses do. :) And then you have mutts like Capri... half-Tamrani, half-Bartomn-with-a-bit-of-L'Arath... she has the Tamrani height and build, but the Bartomn hair, eyes... and the traditional powers of both Houses.

Tamrani are the smallest of the Dasaroi. They tend towards fair hair, blonde to light brown, wavy to curly; their eyes are unusually large and tend to be grey, but change color. See Julia, in icon.

L'Arathi tend to be tall and slender, with hair color ranging from brown to auburn to, rarely, strawberry blonde, usually wavy. Their eyes are a distinctive grey-green - light grey with encircling deep green, though the rest of the iris can also flush with green. Shayaran L'Arathi tend to be fey and otherworldly - a deliberate affectation. They are also very volatile emotionally.

Lhri'nahri of both genders tend to be tall and slender - bird-boned, if you will. Black hair, usually worn long, and eyes of amber-gold to deep brown, infrequently grey.

Bartomni are ursine - bearlike. They tend to be medium-to-tall and sturdy; blue-eyed brunettes and redheads, for the most part. They're also the House that tends most toward curly hair.

Narsani tend to be short to medium height. You won't find a six-foot-tall Narsani! Hair tends to be light to dark brown; eyes tend towards blue, but hazel is also common.

Ziroth: Thin, with dark, straight hair. Black, black, black; this House is Goth As Fuck. A severe sort of beauty.

As House Tarak was not one of the original Great Houses, their physical type is not as well defined as that of the other Houses. Taraki tend toward a quieter beauty, one that can fade into the woodwork and observe; they tend to be slim, graceful brunettes, brown- or grey-eyed.


Please for to send me good thoughts for a life-changing thingie that I am contemplating.

Also for improvement in brainmeats, while you're at it.


I was kidnapped for lunch! I love dark_blade. :) *sends hugs to her "daughter"*

There was JavaMonkey and chirpy conversation because we are chirpy together. And there was admiring of babies. And some serious talk among the chirpyness. And I got Elayna's book back from her, and I got a slice of Elayna's favorite cake from JavaMonkey, and next door at that imports store, I bought three glass bangles (because I need more bracelets, right?) and... a Durga comic book! How rockin' is that?

I love lunchtime-abductions!

Two hours till I see Miss Kid. I have a tummyache and I'm exhausted and dizzy. But! Two hours til Miss Kid!
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There's an interesting discussion here about the nature of honor. Others are welcome to chime in. The definition of this concept is of great interest to me.

I'm having a medium brain time right now. It's not a nonfunctional bad-brain time. But I'm not really coherent enough to define stuff. So I'll likely do my "what honor means to me" essay tomorrow.
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Seriously, man.

LJless-Thomas-the-Sysadmin: "Okay, by saying this, I may be opening a can of worms..."

Me: "Oh, don't worry. This particular can is perpetually open. It no longer has a lid. Worms everywhere. It's a wormhole. Call Sisko!...I'm sorry, go ahead."
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Elayna! - Karlita

Dain Bramage

My mother called. "Hi!" she says. "Where are you?"

Me: "Umm, at work. That is where I usually am at 3:30ish."

Mom: "Okay. We're just entering metro Atlanta. When should you be home?"

Me: "Five o'clock... wait. You know I'm at work. *You* called *me*."

Mom: "Well, I was only joking."

Me: "You can't do that to me now! My brains are not good!"

An hour and 15 minutes til I get to sweep my kid off her feet with a biiiig hug and then set her down immediately because my back will spasm!
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Mommy & Elayna

Child is home!

Child is home... tan and tall and loud and fierce-hugging.

That look that shows that she loves me so much... :)

That voice. Every time she's away, I forget how raspy her voice is. Whisky-and-cigarettes voice, man. Born with it.

There was apparently some throwing of attitude the past few days. She will be writing Letters of Apology. Even though she already apologized in person. Helps her understand exactly what she did wrong.

But her behavior was exemplary for most of the summer.

Talked to Mom. Showed her and Dad a printout of the Spoon Theory, and showed her that passage in What Katy Did that I posted the other day. I think she understands.

Tomorrow morning we go to the neurologist. Elayna's looking forward to it because she gets to ask questions. I'm freakin' terrified. But I have my quality-of-life thing from printed out, and I have my list of side effects. Everything all printed out so I won't forget to bring stuff up. And I'll have backup in the form of my parents.

Lots of dialing back in my life. A tangent I'll follow in a post tomorrow or sometime. Just too tired right now.

And now I am off to bed - and I get to sleep in tomorrow!


As yendi has noted, we're now beginning to get comment notifications trickling in... from early June.

thevault, I wasn't ignoring you, I just never got those three notifications... *hug* I hope that you did not feel neglected.

Reiteration - no one trust LJ to get a message through, 'k?