July 27th, 2004



Notice for those who don't read LJ in the evenings: Last night I sent "Four Sisters" (shitty title, but I've been having bad brain days) and "Blog-A-Thon 2004 - A New Hope" to all sponsors. If you did not get it, let me know. If you have any feedback, please let me know.

PayPallers - it was sent to the address you used for PayPal. :)

Again, bad brain days; I just transcribed whatever fell into my head, and I hope it works.

Yendi and Driving
It occured to me on the way to work today that there's a very common misconception. People tend to say, "Just take him out to the university and have him drive around the parking lots!" with the addendum and assumption that we have huge parking lots.

We do not have one single parking lot here. There are two tiny visitors' lots, yes - but nothing of a size to practice driving. It's all parking garages.
Sick Hippo

Is it naptime yet?

My brain is tired.

I did not do any writing worthy of note yesterday; just a few scribblings. My brain is tired from doing the Blog-A-Thon thing. As I told moocowrich, who expressed disbelief that I could write "like that" when I'm having bad brain days... sometimes I get a jolt of clarity, lucidity, and sometimes in those moments a chunk of story hits me. The good thing about carrying a notebook everywhere is that I'm able to catch those bits before they recede into the fog.

The fog isn't getting any better.

One week from right now, I will be in my neorologist's office.


Anyway, I think my brain wants a day or two to rest, after working on storystuff, writing and editing...

EDIT: Oh yeah. Brain not processing. Whee?
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I'm going to try to put together my thoughts about my... training... and get them down in words. Next few days, hopefully.

Training sounds more formal than it is, but that's essentially what it is.

Adjustment to being owned. To what is expected.

I am being good. But there's a learning curve!
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Elayna! - Karlita

Elayna and the 2000 Election

Last political post of the day, I promise, but I just told this story to murnkay, and I wanted to share and put it in its own post to I could memory it.

Did I ever tell you what Elayna had to say about the 2000 election?

This is when we were living in a townhouse. I was asleep. She'd wandered down for breakfast and cartoons. And she YELLED up the stairs. "Mommy! There's something wrong on the TV!"

I looked at the clock. "Cartoons start in ten minutes!" (PBS is news until it's cartoons.

"No, something's REALLY wrong!"

So I go downstairs. She's riveted to the TV. She turns to look up at me in utter disbelief, and she says, "They're saying George Bush might have won the election!"

Five years old, man.


Other Elayna LJ memories include:

When Elayna discovered that candy contains sugar
When Elayna broke her arm


When Elayna met Neil Gaiman.
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