July 8th, 2004


Happy Thursday!

Happy birthday to kickadee!

Hello to new readers praxes, wyrdragon, and wolfette!

Remember when I used to go whole days without babbling about Shayara?

angry tears - no, not today
Being forbidden to have anything I want is fucking killing me.

This is the third day in a row that I've had heartpoundiness, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Yay for exciting new side effects! Except, y'know, not.

girls on film
I am planning another photognome photo shoot, now that my body looks totally different. What ought I to wear? And "nothing" is not an acceptable answer. :P

I need a web god/dess! Help?

Okay, that's all for now. *smooch*

I love my man.

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* Why do I always realize that I want someone to come have lunch with me exactly half an hour before lunchtime? I mean, I could go later, but 11:30 is rather late notice no matter when one takes lunch.

* I'm exhausted. And I did get enough sleep last night.

* My brain is really disorganized today. So I'm not posting any of the important-ish posts I want to be posting, because my brain can't parse things. So I'm posting stuff about kittens, and answering those LJ comments that do not require much thought.

* I have page 4 of the Shayara minicomic for Shooting Star printed out and taped to my desk above my phone so I can look at it allll day. I am truly blessed to have an artist as wonderful as m0usegrrl.
Writing - XanaDuMalion

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Food Log
Special K
PB sammich.

Yes, I'm in a rut.

Writing Log
Katrianna, for a change. The prodigy. Thirdborn of the sisters Stone, and, until Julia was discovered, by far the most powerful. Today's writing followed her through a TK exercise when she was ten, wherein she telepathically eavesdropped (multi-tasking!) on her father and one of his fellow Councillors as they discussed the disappointment of their first two tries ("useless" Contessa and weaker-than-Kat spoiled-brat Alanna), and how they should have waited and instilled Kat as the Lishaya; Steven is praised for the excellent job he's done on Kat, and she has a smug little smile as she finishes the exercise.

Tried to write a snippet of when she first meets Tessa, but it didn't wanna flow.

But, y'know, decent work for a brainbroken day. Kat's one of those characters who's going to go through some big changes over the years... and this is how she starts, a studious little girl who's constantly told, essentially, that she's the best thing since sliced cheese, that she is impeccable in power and behavior, that she ought to be Lishaya, that she is practically a demigoddess. So yes, she grows up a little full of herself...

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I'm feeling much better now that I have my flaming sword in hand.

Anyone wanna make me an icon that says "Do NOT fuck with the short chick"?
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Pity my mother. And I don't say that often.

She just called to let me know that she was taking Elayna out of town for the weekend; she asked if I had anything planned.

Me: "Miraculously, no. But I have the Blog-A-Thon next weekend! Remember, you sponsored me last year - sponsor me again!"

Mom: "That thing where you stay up all night? I don't think it's a good idea."

Me: "Why not?"

Mom: "You don't want to get overtired. You need to think of your health."

Me: "I also need to raise thousands of dollars for charity."

Mom: "Well, but, you have to think of yourself first. You know how you get overtired. And you don't want to have a seizure."

Me: "I haven't had a seizure in almost two weeks."

Mom: "Well, you should sleep and avoid stress."

This is the point where I start laughing hysterically.

Me: "Stress? Oh, I can tell you from stress..." And I told her from stress for, um, I don't think it was ten whole minutes, but it was close.

Ha! Stress? Don't tell me from stress. I am the queen, baby. I win.
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In lieu of content

I was going to do my big post that I couldn't do last night tonight, but yendi only just now got the pictures up. So I suppose I shall do it tomorrow.

Anyway, I was led to my basement office on Monday by a 'gnome, and he took a bunch of pictures that are being touched up for redeye and stuff, but this is an image I've been wanting for an icon for-like-ever, so, y'know, here it is.

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