July 7th, 2004

Quiet - PhotoGnome

That's always weird.

There are people reading shayara who don't know me or X'Ana.

I always wonder where they came from.

Especially the ones who have accounts only to be in the community, it seems.

And I always wonder where those of you who have no posts and no "friends" other than me listed come from.

Iiiii've been up since 3:30. Ph34r.

EDIT: Uncle Rob says:

Here's one of the few universal truths I know: Everyone has a piece of the truth, even those you disagree with. According to my reading of the astrological omens, though, you are now in possession of a giant piece of the truth -- bigger than what you usually have and bigger than everyone else's piece. That's exactly why you should proceed cautiously. Your deep understanding and authoritative knowledge might tempt you to dismiss the tiny slivers of truth that other people are holding, and that would be a mistake.

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Happy Wednesday!

Happy birthday to merovingian!

Hello to new readers alexmegami and bitsyboo!

Comment Notification Still Down
Week 2 of not getting all of our e-mail comment notifications. So I'm not ignoring people. I'm just not getting all of my notifications.

Holy suppressed memories, Batman!
Okay, now I know where the yesterday-thing came from, woods and all. Not that that happened. There's just an underlying pattern.

In some ways, Shayara is my way of trying to make sense of things.

Mea culpa
I am behind on email replies. Please forgive me.

Please forgive me
I can't stop singing "Insanity" by Oingo Boingo lately.

I'm so sorry
Please forgive me
who do I pray to
to straighten out this problem
Straighten out this problem
Straighten out my mind
Straighten out this crooked tongue, this crooked tongue...


"You want a guided tour of the parts of me that you've never seen? That you wouldn't want to see?"

I have resolved that the next thing I write about will be cute and sweet. Like puppies or kittens. I will give Capri a kitten or something.

I need to figure out how to have more time with my friends individually.


Oh, aussie_nyc...

Capri - xanadumalion

(no subject)

Food Log
Breakfast: Special K
Lunch: Peanut butter sammich

Writing Log
I have cleaned my brain by writing schmoopy schmoopiness between Capri and Kieran. She proposed to him when she was nine. She was wearing little fairy wings.

You do not understand, people. Puppies and kittens, puppies and kittens. The Alanna thing and the yesterday thing - I needed puppies and kittens and cute little girls dressed up like fairies.

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I'm aware that it's crap. I don't care. It made me go "aww".

And these days, writing gets me exhausted. It's the disorganized-brain thing from my meds. So I am going to try to shake that off.
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I'm blogging this


This is a reminder!

July 17-18, I will be doing a 24-hour Blog-A-Thon to raise money for the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network!

Please to be sponsoring me. All money goes to charity. There will be incentives. Oh yes.

I'm way too exhausted to be writing this now, and I think I'm gonna pull off an all-nighter? Oy... well, the side effects will hopefully have faded by then....

Still. Blog-A-Thon 2004, in just a little over a week. Last year I raised about $2,000. This year, the total is currently at $150 (thanks, new sponsor wytchchyld)!

Just go over and donate. Put "Shadesong - Blogathon" in comments so they know where the donations are coming from! And send me your e-mail receipt at shadesong AT livejournal.com.

Donate $50 and get a t-shirt, donate $25 and get a keychain...

Donate as little as $5, and you'll get whatever incentive I give.


*eyes wide*

Heh. Iiiii just sent some character porn to a friend.

I do not know what possessed me. Because I Do Not Do That. I cannot believe I just did that. It's unedited, even.

What is my defect when my biggest problem with this is that the porn is unedited?

But. Still. It's not as if he doesn't know what I like. (And no, I don't have sex with him.) But aagh!

Too late to not-send.



EDIT: Okay. He liked it. That's good. I said maybe I should write some FemDom for him.

I need a job that actually keeps me busy.

EDIT: Aaaand now we're discussing colloquialisms for female genitalia in the comments. Not him. He's not commenting.

See, if this is how it's going to be for two weeks - raging horny then killing that by writing really traumatic shit then cheering myself up by writing porn and then writing more traumatic shit and then more happy porn - brain explodey, man. Being in heat when you have no local sex partner is a mindfuck, no pun intended.
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Things that are very nice indeed

Oreo milkshakes!
Nice long walks.
Peeling off my clothes after said walks and wandering about the house in just panties.
Getting a phone call from R. who has me beat, as he is naked. I told him to take a picture for me.
Nice long catching-up conversation with R.

I am going to do a big long Vegas epilogue post when I get pictures uploaded. So it was nice to do fun things before diving headlong into that.

I have trouble holding things in my mind sometimes, these days. Fucking side effects.

But I have no problem holding onto *this*.
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