July 4th, 2004

Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary to yendi and I me!

Four years ago today, we finally admitted that we were in love, and committed to doing something about it. Three years ago, I moved to Atlanta to be with him. And in three months, we're getting married. :)

They have the fireworks in our honor, you know.
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Writing - XanaDuMalion

*save* *quit*

Have successfully committed the Alanna story to "paper". Well, MSWord. You know what I mean.

I believe this is one of the harshest, sickest things I have ever written, and I am incredibly pleased to have it typed up, edited - five pages added - and the hell out of my head so I don't have to *think* about it anymore.

It's thoroughly offscreen. It *happened* - but the reader will never get to see it, because it gives away the biggest spoiler in the whole comic.

There are a lot of these snippets. That's what being omniscient in one's little universe gets you. Lots of things that'll never be shown onscreen.

But it helps me understand.

Knowing that Alanna did this - and knowing what was then visited upon her - helps show me layers when she does certain things. Her habits, her rote responses. And how events like this have changed her.

You won't see it. But hopefully you'll feel it.

And hopefully I won't have to go to that sick dark place again anytime soon.
Julia in color - xanadumalion


m0usegrrl has sent me pages 5 and 6 of the 8-page story.


I am the luckiest comics-writer in the world. Seriously. And I have the best artist.

Realize this: what you've seen of her Shayara work here is *sketches*, just as you've seen my braindumps.

This is inked, finished, meticulous work - just as the script she's working from is a true *script*.

This is going to knock your fucking socks off, I guarantee it.