June 30th, 2004


Happy Wednesday!

And verily I say "w00t!"
We have achieved wall unit! *bliss* Now we pay his mom back $100 at a time, oh yes. Credit at the Bank of Parents is a good thing.

She has commissioned sample invitations. From a place that does custom work. There will be no off-the-rack for us. I feel like I should have Vera freakin' Wang measuring me right about now.

I'm not really sure about the dress I was going to wear anymore. It's fine for a backyard wedding, but I'm not wondering if I ought to go a little more formal; still not A Wedding Dress, but something quasi-elegant. We'll see. If I could find a solid ivory version of that dress... I really like the style...

Weighty Matters
And I know I have body image issues, I know, but I cringed when I looked at those pictures, because they don't look like I'm supposed to look; I look chubby by my standards. And keep in mind that my standards for me are radically different from my standards for everyone else. I like girls with curves. But I can't handle what I see in those pictures on myself.

More pictures because what the hell.
I look like I'm wearing eyeshadow in this one. The lighting, I s'pose. I don't own eyeshadow.

And this is the one that my current default icon comes from. That's one photognome didn't pose me for; I was just goofing off.

Those were over a year ago. Maybe if photognome has time at some point, he can shoot me again, post-weight-loss...

All of those are by photognome, incidentally. He's about the only person alive who can get good pics of me.

If anyone talked to me during like the last half of yesterday and gave me any information that would be important to know, please repeat. I had what was probably not an actual seizure, but a little mini seizure precursor thing, so my brain went plaid. This includes the dates of my Boston trip. *sheepish grin* Current side effects are just the constant nausea and the Really Bad spindizzies.

Okay. I go now.

LJ's back! LJ's back!

Well, it never went away for most of you. But I was read-only all morning. Withdrawal, man. Seriously.

Okay! There was a picture taken of me at the writing marathon on Saturday.

I post this here because it is very me.

* Hair in stealth pigtails - it's not that short! - so's not to get in my way. Because I'm writing, dammit.

* Focus focus focus.

And primarily...

* That is the way I sit, more often than not. My feet do not reach the ground in most chairs - so when I'm typing I sit cross-legged, Indian style - or I tuck one leg up under the other. When I'm sitting at a table, I pull my feet up under me and sit on 'em. When I'm sitting on a chair or couch, I sit like this. Or in another odd way that I'd just have to photograph.

Y'all do not realize how tiny I am. I cannot sit normally in a chair. That is how tiny I am.

So! There you go.

EDIT: Credits! Pic by rikki5050 - and I'm at manifestress's house, retrohaven.


For the past few days, comment notifications have been very irregular. So if I haven't answered a comment, chances are I don't know it's there. Just FYI.

My cake!

Collapse )

It will be chocolate. With dark chocolate mousse. Because I am me.

I really like my soon-to-be-mother-in-law's taste. We're doing a copperish/deep-greenish theme. Neither of us like plain white invitations or pastel flowers or any of that.
Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

Spider-Man 2


I mean seriously. I mean so good that I forgot to do the little bouncy things I do when things are good. I mean seriously, man.

Maguire improves exponentially as not just Spidey - but as Peter Parker, which is even more important. J. Jonah is fuckin' perfect, seriously.

Alfred Molina?

Best Supporting Actor.

I swear to you that he deserves it.

On a less hyper note....

I firmly believe that Spidey is the best-loved hero of all time. Superman is admired. Spider-Man is loved. Because he's one of us. Because he's not bulletproof. Because he gets overwhelmed sometimes. Fucks up sometimes.

We love Spidey not because he's Spidey, but because he's Peter Parker.

And that makes him unique in all of comicdom.

And the genius of Raimi & co. is not only that they realize that...

...but they know that you could make a Spider-Man movie without a villain.

They know that they could make a Spider-Man movie without Spider-Man.

Because underneath everything... there's Peter Parker. And that's the story.

They're all fuckin' brilliant. Go see the movie.
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Elayna! - Karlita

Me and My Girl

Immediately after my Spidey post - Elayna called! I *so* miss my kid. I had lunch at JavaMonkey today and reflexively looked for the vegan chocolate cake she loves... and remembered that she wasn't home to *eat* it. *sigh*

Anyway! Highlights...

Me: "I finished P.S. Longer Letter Later."
Elayna: "Isn't it great?"
Me: "Yeah! Who do you identify with - Elizabeth or Tara*Starr?"
Elayna: "Definitely Tara*Starr."
Me: "You just want a pink streak in your hair!"
Elayna laughing: "Well, yeah. But there's other stuff, too. Anyway, you have to read Snail Mail No More next. It is sooo good. You will love it."

Me: "So what movie's coming out for you soon..."
Elayna: "Spider-Man!"
Me: "And 'A Cinderella Story'!"
Elayna: "Oh yeah!"
Me: "Y'know, Hilary Duff and her sister do a song in that movie called 'Our Lips are Sealed'... that's a cover of a song by The Go-Gos from when [Yendi] and I were your age!"
Elayna, incredulous: "You know that Hilary Duff has a sister?!?"
Me: "Well, yeah! Haylie."
Elayna: "How do you know that?"
Me: "Well - I like to keep up on the stuff you're interested in!"


Elayna: "I saw a commercial for Cali Girl Barbie. There's a new boy doll."
Me: "Yeah - Blaine."
Elayna: "Blaine?"
Me: "Yeah, Blaine. Also - Barbie and Ken broke up."
Elayna: "No way."
Me: "Yes way! Barbie broke up with Ken."
Elayna: "Why?!?"
Me: "I guess she wanted to explore other options. She's dating Blaine now."
Elayna, again incredulous: "How do you know this stuff?!?"
Me: "Dude. I collect Barbies."
Elayna: "I know you collect them! But how do you know this other stuff? You're a mom!"
Me: "I have my finger on the pulse of today's youth."
Elayna: "..."
Me: "That's another way of saying what I said earlier - I like to keep up on the stuff you like, dude."
Elayna: "Cool..."

Seriously, man. I know what she listens to, and I read some of the books she reads. I just like to know what she's into, y'know?

Elayna: "Have you ever heard of a Hover Disc?" *goes into loooong, obviously memorized-from-the-commercial speech about the Hover Disc*
Me: "Do they sell that in stores? Or just on TV?"
Elayna: "In stores, too, but I wrote down the phone number - oh! Mommy! I forgot to tell you! I write on my hand now too!"
Me: "Just like me!"
Elayna: "Yeah! I even use a green pen like you. Or a purple one. Whichever's closest."
Me: "Just like me."

She does want to be just like me, gods help her. She wears my old Les Mis shirt as a nightshirt. She writes (and draws, though I just write) comics. When I braid my hair, she wants hers braided...

And she loves it when I wear the "Warrior Princess" earrings she got me last Mother's Day. She doesn't make a thing out of it, but I catch her smiling when she notices that I'm wearing them.

This kid is amazing, and I'm so lucky to have her. So lucky.

And I really hope she'll be like Rory. On Gilmore Girls. See, I am Lorelai. Ask wolflady26. And my mom is so Emily.

And Lorelai and Rory are really close. Mother/daughter relationship clearly defined, but also friends. And Rory knows she can talk to her mom about everything.

I really hope that it stays this way - that she keeps wanting to be like the good parts of me. That we can always talk.

Because I love this. And I love her.

I am such a lucky mom.
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Writing - XanaDuMalion


I have on my screen what may be the most powerful image that m0usegrrl has ever drawn.

Formerly this was her drawing of Fenris on the night of the Purges. Netscape is crawling for me, or I'd link; go look at writerbrain and you'll see it.

The first three pages, of course, are note-perfect. I can always count on m0usegrrl to see inside my head and make it real-on-paper.

Page 4 haunts me.

This is an image X'Ana tried to draw before, but it never quite worked right in her head. It just wasn't coming out the way either of us wanted it to. And this is one of the most iconic images of the series, so it has to be Right.

It's Right.

She went into my head and she saw the image that's lived there for years. And she put it on paper. And I can't stop staring at my monitor.

She haunts me. Her eyes....

That is Tiala. The Firstborn.

I can't even describe it. Not to you guys. You don't know her like X'Ana and I know her. You'll meet her in the pages of the comic - Sean, are we still on track for Issue 6? If so, you'll meet her around Halloween, I b'lieve.

The speaksinsong community that zarhooie created, the "my fandom" icons, the fact that over a hundred of you subscribe to shayara - where I will be posting Page 1 - these things make me all amazed and happy and they make me feel so damn cool.

But they're nothing compared to this. That this is Tiala. And on pages 2 & 3 - that's Julia. My girls. And Shawn. And more. Just the way they are in my head. My city.

This is the way the story begins.

This is the way the story begins.