June 23rd, 2004

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Happy Wednesday!

Happy birthday to alladinsane, gev, lerage, and tsiankiio!

Hello to new readers moocowrich and moss_fairy!

Seizure Lass
For those not on my f-list... Monday night, I had my first seizure in a little over 6 months. I feel very back-to-square-one. I feel very angry. Because the side effects of my medication are hell, and my seizures are hell, and it is not fair that I should have to deal with both at once. And if it turns out that this medicine is too harsh on my system and can't control the seizures... well, this is apparently "the cleanest drug we have in terms of side effects". So. I dunno. They drew my blood, they're going to take a look, I'll have some answers in the next few days, and they're working me into my neurologist's schedule. But yeah. I've got a lot of anger about that.

Stress is my main seizure trigger, so it's unsurprising that this came after a weekend of me putting far to much pressure on myself. After, actually, a month of putting too much pressure on myself. But this weekend I really pushed myself. I am unaccustomed to having limitations.

My parents say that I push myself in general, that I need to "not do so much". My friends also note that I do a lot. My writing, kidstuff when it's not summer, hosting LEWD every week, keeping up with friends individually when I can, house projects, other major activities, etc... "How can you do so much stuff?" But to me, it's like breathing. This is What I Do. I don't see anything that I can not do.

Geek Lust
Not lust for geeks. I have that as well, mind. It's been... well, since my ex-husband, who was an idiot in general, since I've dated a man who hasn't been a computer geek, and they're generally sci-fi and comics geeks as well.

But. Different kind.

Mama wants. I already have one of the microbes, the Common Cold, thanks to beowabbit - but they have Bookworms now!

I so totally need to update my ThinkGeek wishlist.

EDIT: Ohmygollygosh. I've actually been looking for a cool welcome mat...

FURTHER EDIT: Oi! ThinkGeek carries theferrett's book!

Watched it for the first time last night. Dude. Plot holes you could drive a heard of elephants through. Side-by-side, even. But y'all were right, the gun katas totally got me hot.

That is all for now, I think.


Remember when I reviewed the Nympho Niagra sensitizing cream thingie! The one that was all omigod best. stuff. ever., which drove me made with lustiness just sitting there?

Nympho Niagra pipette springdew finally has a n online store where you can buy that and many fine products. Get cool sex-stuff and give a very nifty LJer a commision on it. Plus, her picture's on the front page there, and she's preeeetty, so go check that out. And buy stuff. Yes.

Regarding my crazy "grandfather"

Raven is not a god. He does not demand worship.

He just wants you to keep a sense of perspective, respect your elders except when it's funny not to, be generally mischievous, and share some tobacco or a dirty joke with him every so often.
Dark Phoenix


Have I mentioned yet today how very much I hate LaTeX? No? Because I do. Very much. In case you were wondering.

(dives back into her boss's section of the department's annual report)
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Boondock/can't believe

*eyeroll* *grin*

aussie_nyc is nifty and totally hot and has a sexy accent and writes interactive fiction games and Has Traveled The World.

And yet the #1 question he gets asked by LJers that he meets is, "What's shadesong really like?"

Dude. :P
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Capri - xanadumalion

14 in 14

Okay. The 14 Guys in 14 Days seriesthingie? Done.

There was a storysnippet in Kristian's, btw.

I'll transcribe the remaining ones - Alanna & co.'s father, Trey, Brendan (Jeramie's second-in-command), Victor, and Joseph - when I get home probably.

So by popular request, I'm opening the field to the ladies of Shayara. I've already had a request for Julia, though she'd give you a Look if you called her a lady. I am taking requests for the other 13. Anyone want to see a particular character?

As further evidence that I am not in control of this situation, this situation being the story in general, I present you with the following conversation, which occurs when a few of the Kirayth are sent out to do some very particular damage...

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Gotta love it when the characters make their presence known...

"Ah, pardon me. My name's not [former name], it's Joseph. And I know that you hadn't really paid attention to my House yet - it's Keleyn. Thanks."

Yeah, he's a Kirayth - more like Fenris than like the more bishounen guys.

I wish I could draw.

And okay, everyone said "Do the girls next!", but I'm still waiting on your specific requests. If you don't make requests, I may neglect alleged fan-favorites in favor of people you've never heard of. Because I'm bratty like that.
I'm blogging this

Conversations in my house

Me: Dude! My character Brendan? Originally crossed over from a zombie story.

Yendi: Tonight, on a very special episode of John Edwards...

Me: Nooo! He was not a zombie. He was one of the people who were trying to not be zombies!

Yendi: What would be funny is if he was infected and crossed over into Shayara and infected everyone else...

Me: I'll let you write that Elseworlds.

Yendi: Elseworlds: Shayara!

Me: Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story!

Omigod the dorkitude...

My old character book

Omigod, some of these names are so totally embarrassing. No, I'm not telling. If you buy me a chai I'll tell you, though. I'm a mercenary little wench.

Omigod Shawn's original first name SO SUCKED. I'd forgotten I was gonna call him that.

Omifuck I can't BELIEVE I actually gave someone that code name. I'm so embarrassed. I was fifteen, but still, man. Ouch.

Holy shit, man, I gave a character the name Gary Callahan like 10 years before Transmet came out.

Out of, shit, um, a LOT of these things, let's see who's still in the story! Wow, Alanna's foster mother. Totally forgot about her. She so doesn't fit anymore. Anyway!

Mainstorytype Characters: Michael Cameron, Jr.; Jason (who used to have a last name); Hey! Aloka - now Amy - Blake!; Aisling "Napalm" Fisher; Tessa "Facade" Harlowe - who now goes by her birth-last-name of Stone; Trey ni'Tamra; Anais Rowan; Johnathan, whose last name used to be Valois; Annie Farrell; Tia Rosewood; Tony Lowell; Liana Farrell; Martin Telenias; Sara Tallart; Capri Donnelly; Daniel Stephen Halloran; Fletcher Kelly; Connor and Grace Spencer; Alanna - whose name *was* Allegra, but then they named a damn allergy medicine Allegra!; Corey - whose name is now Julia; Tyka; Cadell "Glitch" Brooks.Katrina and Trinacy Stone.

Tangentially: Trinity Benson; Michael Cameron, Sr.; Tim Crispin; Dr. Scott Daly; Jareth Randall; Daniel Calhoun; David "Crucible" Hammond; Ariana "Sonic" Lowell (this was pre-hedgehog); Chandra Tallart; Juliet Tallart; Kelly Tallart; Solange and Colin Telenias; Thomas and Zylla Malachite; Aneirin Tamson (yes, THers, before I discovered de Lint); Rose Red; Stiletto; Daniel and Gabriella Rowan; Megan and Chad Hammond; Nicholas Powers.

Out of loooots of characters. So many are missing from this book!

I've gotten rid of so much. The short story collections, the Project Chrysalis arc, the fantasy crossovers, the Nexus compound in NY, The Killing Game, the Silvergreen flashback...

Tessa, Napalm, Aloka-now-Amy, and Johnathan were a team from the very beginning.

Brendan crossed over from another novella. Which was, um, a zombie thing. Yup. I write horror, too. Badly, probably. Oooh, Keith Whittaker crossed over from a supernatural horror story. I read way a lot of horror as a teenager.

I'm digging through the file cabinet now. Jeez. Some of these title... *wince*

Oh, a horrible postapocalyptic wasteland story. Oh man. Oh, a King Arthur-in-modern-times story. Oh, I'm so sorry.

Oh, a Les-Mis-in-the-80s.

Oh, my very first story - science fiction - later expanded into a series.

So many characters-coming-back-from-the-dead or sticking-around-as-ghosts stories. I was such a Christopher Pike.

My first character with MPD/DID. Each personality had different powers.

Yay bad poetry! Except, well, NOT.

I have a "gratuitous sex scenes" folder.

I originally killed Annie on page one of book two of the storyarc that's now Shayara. Now I'm re-reading the prologue to book one. OMIGOD this sucks. I'm so embarrassed. It's almost as bad as the story Yendi MST3Ked. I was obviously so proud of my 50-cent words. I was 13, okay? Pellucid, trembling petals. On the talking flower. Minstrels set down their instruments, awestruck. Oh, this is horrible. Oh, man.

I still had my penchant for brutal murders, though. I was a bloodthirsty little kid.

Annie and Nicholas have been a couple since the very first story. Hee!

"This is an organization to fight evil, not a singles club!"

Okay, I'm just gonna sit down and read this shit now.
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Writing - XanaDuMalion

14 Guys in 14 Days - Stephen

I am in my office! With the door closed! My space! My Fortress of 'Songitude!

Okay. I've settled down. *ahem* (For the uninformed - I went almost 10 years without a room of my own, where I can shut the door.)

This is the father of (in chronological order) Tessa, Alanna, Katrianna, and, unknown to him, Julia. (And yes, he's had this name since 1990, it's not a recent shift. :P )

Things herein could be categorized as spoilers maybe I guess. I dunno. I'm not keeping any of it secret. I don't think there's much here that you won't learn within the first 6-10 issues, and I don't think it really matters if you know the bare facts ahead of time, so whatever. *shrug*

I went long on this one, because it covers thirtysomeodd years.

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14 Guys in 14 Days - Trey

Katrianna's half-brother. Well, half-brother to the others as well, but she's the one who was raised with him.

To give you an idea, from issue #2:

...they arrive at her suite, which is lavishly appointed. Four-poster bed, vanity table, walk-in-closet, bookcases – lavish, yet impersonal. The lackeys set the suitcases on the bed and depart. Kat looks around, sighs, unlatches the suitcases – removes a shirt or two, then slowly turns back toward the door, obviously with spider-sense fully tingling. She sees Trey lounging against the doorframe, grinning maliciously… as the shirt she’s holding falls from suddenly nerveless fingers, Trey seductively says, “Hey, little sister.”

[NOTE: That's part of a comic script. Not prose writing in itself. So don't judge it as that, 'k?]

So. This might be spoilerish too...

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Writing - XanaDuMalion

One last thing, then I go to bed...

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Tomorrow you get the final guys - Brendan, Victor, and Joseph, though the latter two aren't that well explored yet. When I really start to explore a character, I live in their head for weeks, and I need to be concentrating on the story as a whole, not what Victor's favorite food was when he was a kid.

Girls who've been requested so far: Julia, Capri, Tessa, Tyka, Lyric, Jessamyn, Alanna, and Donna. More than half the way to 14 already... any more?

And dude, I SWEAR I'll never be this posty anymore. I was just down in my office for most of the night, and you know how these things go...

I. Am. So. Tired.

Bed now.