June 17th, 2004


Happy Thursday!

Happy birthday to happypete, misskitten77, scathedobsidian, and spiritchaser1!

Hello to new readers ayalanya, alionunderaw, dreamsrundeep, lilituc, mmirabilis, and teediggy, and returning reader blackbird013! New Kids, I gotta warn you - I post a lot.

More posts will come, scattered over the next few days. The first was last night.

iTunes Find
Those of you with iTunes, go gram this week's free song, "Letter Read" by Rachael Yamagata. Because - wow. What a find! She reminds me a bit of dustyskinandall. Which is a Very Good Thing.

Blast from the Past
Marvel is doing a 2099 line again.

Giveaway #1
The first two people to tell me Spiderman 2099's secret identity - and the writer of Spiderman 2099 - get Gmail codes. You will need to give me both answers! EDIT: They're gone. :)

Giveaway #2
Locals - I have passes to a free pre-screening of The Terminal tonight at Regal Perimeter Point! First three local respondents get 'em. You can meet me there. I'm pretty sure I have a ride from manifestress and photognome. It's a 7:30 screening - but be early!

Catch up? Hah!
I have not read my friends page for a week. If you said something you want me to see, let me know!

And that is all for now.

Wedding Update

I have given over the reins.

Yeah, I'm busy... but the primary reason is that, since I can't drive, I can't get to places; I'd rack up hundreds of dollars in taxi rides to go to tastings and to interview florists, etc.

And yendi's mom said she'd pay for the whole wedding if we had it in Scottsdale, AZ, where she lives.

So! Wedding is in Scottsdale! For reasons of, well, she's paying. And because this is her son's wedding - he's an only child, she's a Jewish mother. And she's retired and thus has unlimited time to do this stuff, whereas I'd only have an hour or two a week.

It will probably be held at CopperWynd Resort, which looks quite posh.

Yes, she'll be consulting with me on stuff - but in general, I'm perfectly happy to leave the bulk of it to her.

Which means that I will actually be able to have the reception I want to, here in GA! The big potluck house party! I'm not formal. I just want to hang out with my friends at my wedding reception, y'know?

So. Yes. There you have it.
Welcome home

Fremont Street

On Monday night, we went to Fremont Street.

Fremont Street was the Strip before the Strip was the Strip. It's got all the old classic hotels - the Golden Nugget, etc. It had decidedly gone to seed in my time - dirty streets, dirty people. And, um, Glitter Gulch, where I danced. *decorous blush*

They have Disneyfied Fremont Street. It is now The Fremont Street Experience.

The streets have been paved over with concrete and blocked off. The street now has a roof. Yes, a roof. Which plays commercials. And a brief movie about alien abduction.

The Pioneer - you've seen him if you've seen pictures of Vegas - is outshined by this roof. A Vegas icon, dwarfed by Disneyfication.

It is clean. It has an entertainment complex. Kiosks. Fremont Street!

Flashback: The day I was hired at Glitter Gulch, I found a magnet at one of the cheapo gift shops that said "[legal name] is a Super Kid!" Which I had to be. As my unfortunate legal name is really uncommon (except in Hungary) - so I very rarely see anything with my name on it.

This Monday night, I went to the same gift shop, questing for my legal name again. Didn't find a damn thing. And then I realized... they do have my real name now. In fact, every gift shop in the world does.

So my cute cheapo Vegas mug says "Mom".

State of the 'song



I didn't get to sleep till about 1 AM; I really must go to bed early-ish tonight.

I had a burst of motivation last night and did some more unpacking and organization. I'm determined to get this house stuff done. My next goal, since we have three shiny new bookcases, is to separate the remaining books into their categories and decide what's going in the library area and what's going in yendi's office. And get the entire library area cleaned out. There's no reason I shouldn't be able to do this. Then I'll just need someone to help me with the L-brackets to get Elayna's top bookshelves affixed to the wall so I can start on her stuff... It's actually easier to do this stuff without yendi here, because I don't have to spend time and energy coordinating this stuff, I can just roll up my sleeves and do it.

And when that's all done, I can get to deciding where all of our nifty artwork ought to go.

I spoke to Elayna last night! She throughly enjoyed her trip to MA and NY, and is loving camp; she managed to get into the same cabin as her two best camp-friends. I know some of you love seeing her daily schedule almost as much as I do, but I don't have a copy yet; I'll start posting as soon as I do. I do kno3w that she's today's central activity is paddleboats.

I'm off to lunch now - well, off to CVS first. I completely spaced on Father's Day. Why didn't you guys remind me? :P Mom's buying Dad Big Fish from me, but I really do need to send a card.

Thank you, drive through.
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Writing - XanaDuMalion

14 Guys in 14 Days - Jeramie

No, I haven't forgotten! I did a bunch of these while I was in Vegas.

Here's Jeramie. Next up: Halloran, Shawn, Ryan, the Telenias, Jason, Kristian, and that makes nine; I need five more guys. Problem: I don't really know who I've talked about here enough for y'all to be curious! Do let me know who you'd like to see, else I'll go for the obscure ones.

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Writing - XanaDuMalion

14 Guys in 14 Days - Shawn

I'm trying to blast through these before my boss gets back from lunch!

New Kids - it's a writing exercise. Profiles of 14 male characters in 14 days. I'm making up for lost time due to my vacation. The form wasn't invented by me, I'm just using it. I recommend this project, though, seriously; it's fun, and you can learn quite a bit about the characters when you listen.

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Writing - XanaDuMalion

14 Guys in 14 Days - Ryan

Forgot to mention - New Kids? This is from my comic Shayara.

And this'll be the last one for today; I'll save the other three I've got pre-written for tomorrow. Because the people who couldn't care less about Shayara are getting irked by friends-page flooding, I'm sure. I'm nice like that.

Ryan's here by request of his #2 fan, melvh - sorry, Mel, I think m0usegrrl is his #1 fan. :) But here you go. Lots of background on Ryan.

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Capri - xanadumalion

Shayara Fandom

"My fandom" icons for fans of Lyric, Halloran, and Napalm. Halloran's doesn't actually say "my fandom", but it could work as one. If you use any of these.

Characters (c) me. Art on Halloran (c) m0usegrrl.

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I fucking love you people. Just so you know.

And I love that most of my male characters have fangirls. *bounce*
SillyMe - Photognome


I'm in one of those phases where I'm getting crushes on loooots of people.

No one I'm currently flirting with.


How do you define flirting? Am I flirting with you? Are you flirting with me? I'm so confused. I just know that I'm thinkin' that quite a few of you are just the bee's knees.
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The Terminal - starring yendi!

Phone call at 1:30: Yendi, whose plane was supposed to be taking off right then. The flight was *cancelled*. The fuck? Scheduled on next flight, 3:30.

3:30 flight delayed.

He finally got on a plane at about 6:30-7:00.

Got a call from him at 10. The plane was in a holding pattern so long that they had to stop to refuel. He is in Baltimore.

He has now missed half a day of the conference. And still doesn't know when he's landing in Newark.

We are displeased.
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