May 26th, 2004


Happy Wednesday!

Happy birthday to pbristow!

Mail Call
treadpath sent me a metric fuckton of ginger candy. I mean, I know you said you had a lot, hon, but wow. This is an entire gallon-size Ziploc stuffed full.

I have poured it into a bigass glass bowl. It is making a lovely centerpiece. Thank you. :)

Still no internet at home. *twitch*

We do not tolerate assholitude!
DishNetwork guy was supposed to be out by noon yesterday. Yendi called DishNetwork to see where guy was at 1:00. DishNetwork said they didn't know. Yendi called back some time later. They were extremely rude to him.

Fuck DishNetwork.

The Comcast guy will be here today. *decisive nod*

volta will be here tomorrow afternoon! Yay! Can someone give me a ride to the airport or to a MARTA station tomorrow right after work? His flight gets in at 5:30.

Continues apace. Not quickly enough for me, but nothing would be. I'm wearing myself out; I fell asleep on the couch before 10 last night, while watching MegasXLR. I think that's the name. But yeah. I'm pushing my body to its limits, it just... has lots of limits.

Okay. I go now.
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Regarding FOAF stuff - if you don't know what that is, don't worry - I do not wish to be listed.

I especially do not wish to be listed under my legal name with things that link my name to my internet handles.

Do not use my legal name online.


Thank you.
Writing - XanaDuMalion


I finished my wmga challenge, filled the book! A week late, but hey, I had houseguests every weekend by the last one, and last one I was moving, and the week before that I was packing... gimme some slack here, okay?

Now I start on another one. Already got it in my purse.

I am so pulling a Joss Whedon on these two characters, You're happy? Sorry, not for long.

No, it's not who you'd guess; I've been writing about *lots* of characters lately...

But yeah, they're crying happy tears right now and all of that stuff. Won't last. I feel bad for them. :(

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Also: I have been far too long without volta-in-person. This is going to be just a few days shy of two months. This is part of why I've been cranky and off-balance for the past little bit. He's having workhell and I'm moving and I needhim to pet me and settle me down.

Tomorrow evening. Yes.

More on Richard Biggs

puppetmaker40 says:

"We found out that a fund has been set up for his children. Donations for his children can be sent to:

The Benefit of the Children of Richard Biggs
c/o Washington Mutual Bank
840-N. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

Cards can be sent to:
Mrs. Laurie Biggs
c/o Pat Tallman
6433 Topanga Canyon Blvd. #207
Canoga Park, CA 91303"


I'm sick of being so busybusy that I can't have dinner with thevault or coffee with another friend, because there are Things That Need To Be Discussed there (good things) and I lack the time and energy for any discussion deeper than "fuck, where am I going to put this DVD rack?"

And not being able to step up and claim a movie preview pass from a friend because I can't go because I'm too busybusy.

*sigh* Want facetime with me? Show up at my doorstep tonight with Maggiano's takeout. And be prepared to help haul boxes. And hang pictures.

Oh! Need to buy picture-hanger thingies...

And need to go to the old housec after work since no one's helping yendi and so I have to do this shit all by my lonesome...

Want move to be over now please.
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E-mail from Garet makes everything - well, not better, nothing ever makes anything 100% better. But it makes things very nice.

You should all go say nice things to people. Go. Do it now. Why are you still reading this post? Go say nice things!

EDIT: Oh! And I finally had a secret to confess in a "tell me a secret" poll. Yay!
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*writes looooong description of Drama Past and repercussions of same - e-mails*
*writes about person she is attracted to - e-mails*
*writes more stuff - e-mails*

*notices that about an hour and a half has gone by*

*blink* *blink*
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Food Log
Breakfast: Gingersnap granola from Whole Foods. The last of it. Must buy more. Still no coffee!

Lunch: Peanut butter on whole wheat. Little chocolate donuts.

Writing Log
This morning: Very happy stuff for two characters.

Lunch: The death of a major character, and the immediate fallout thereof.

That's from one perspective only, and really written strictly as a writing exercise, getting me inside the head of the character who's reacting. The scene itself is part of one of the three most important scenes in Shayara, and is one of the most cinematic. Even more so than Capri during the Purges, which is a image that's permanently engraved in m0usegrrl's brain.

This one's the most visual for me. Generally, writing Shayara is like transcribing a movie. With this scene, however, it's frame-by-frame, it's artistic edits, it's... well. Generally I just describe a scene to X'Ana. It's rare that I'll specify exactly what should be in each panel. She's a storyteller in art as I am in writing; she *knows*. This is one of very few scenes that I'm specifying panel by panel, heartbeat by heartbeat.

I may try to write it in script form tonight. I'm still rolling with it. But gods, after writing that, I've got every little detail in my head... I wish I could draw.

EDIT: You know you done good when your artist's reponse to your three-little-paragraph description is "wow. just... wow. this gave me chills, dude. i can see the panels where [character] gets hit, very slow-motion, isolated... very cinematic.


I am chuffed.

For people who read my Shayara bits.

If you don't read 'em, just skip it. I just don't feel like creating a "people who are particularly interesting in my writing" filter.

Who do you think is the most powerful of my characters (besides Julia)? Why?

EDIT: See okay, I meant in terms of like superhero-power-type power. Julia's the strongest empath in the world, so who's the most powerful besides her in that sense. Who can kick the most ass?

But you can answer in the other way too, if you'd like.