May 12th, 2004


Happy Wednesday!

Happy birthday to ahsirakh, fings, and multicolours!

Quote of the Day
From the SARK page-a-day calendar, a personal philosophy of mine: "I believe that the more I share my life and process honestly, the more I can heal and, in turn, help others to heal. We are not alone.

I have made myself a challenge: I must pack up every single box I bring home on a given day. Yesterday I did 14 boxes - 8 of them were Office Depot purchased boxes. No way am I buying any more of those. Too expensive!

A problem: We don't live close enough to many places that'd give boxes. Just a liquor store... and yesterday they'd just trashed all of their boxes. They said check back, and we will, but... if you're coming to our house, we'd muchly appreciate it if you stopped by Target or Borders or something and get us some boxes. Because that's the major barrier to getting packed at this point.

Weirdly unweird
I'm having lunch with christine9600 today.

This is weirdly unweird.

Then again, a lot of things are weirdly unweird lately. I think I've gotten past the point of anything being able to surprise me. Life has become very surreal. I'm riding on instinct again.

I'm still blown away that zarhooie made a "my fandom" icon for a Shayara character. Like I said, you have no idea how utterly cool that makes me feel.
Elayna! - Karlita


G.'s AB.

I'm A, Elayna's O... this means he's not her biological father.

Truth be told, it saddens me a bit. Him too. It was a wishful thinking thing. Hell, two days ago at school a kid told her his dad would beat up her dad, and when I picked her up she was crying: "It reminded me that I don't have a birth father."

Oh, my girl.

I reminded her that she had yendi, and she said he wasn't her father yet; that adoption certificate is the world to her. Partly, I think, because my ex-husband claimed he was going to adopt her, but then ignored the hell out of her throughout the marriage. yendi really is her dad in all but blood and law, and we'll be fixing the law thing come November.

So... it would have been nice. If she had a birth father who wanted to know her. *sigh*

But this is good, also - knowing that A + AB cannot equal O, there's no longer any doubt, and I'm back to the 50/50 I've been at for years. The wondering is gone.

But I do wish.
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Fizzgig! - velvetsteel


So I have this allergy to cardboard. Or, rather, whatever they use to seal the edges of cardboard. This particular allergy --

Isn't it silly how each of my allergies affects me in a different way?

-- manifests itself in welts. Yes. Whenever I come into contact with the edge of a carboard box, a welt immediately rises up exactly along the lines that my arm rested on the edge. Neat little stripes all over my arms.

Why do I only seem to move in the summer, when long-sleeves shirts are impratical? Why, gods, why?

yendi's been putting boxes together... but I have to pack. I can't just sit around an delegate. I need to Get Stuff Done.

In the area of general moving-type niftiness, kires has volunteered to help pack when he's up here this weekend. Yay kires!
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Bad writer! No cookie!

Thou shalt not be tempted to work the Three Laws of Robotics into a conversation between Kieran and Julia; Kieran knows Asimov, but he doesn't have the kind of thought process during this conversation that would bring that to the forefront of his brain. And he'd just confuse the hell out of Julia. Which would result in him having to digress to explain to her. Which would change the mood and flow of the conversation entirely.

This is on the level of "Thou shalt not tell your sub 'Kneel before Zod!'"

And "Thou shalt not grandiosely ask your goddess 'Give me the power to smite my enemies!' Especially when your goddess is Kali."

My brain is prone to inappropriate interjections.
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I've mentioned before that Lyric's vocabulary starts out very limited and gradually increases.

That's deliberate.

But I'm finding changes in Julia that aren't deliberate. When she first appears, she's very aggressive. Combative. Belligerent. So her sentence structure is clipped, abrupt.

I'm now at a point where that's morphing into a different speech pattern. She's relaxing; she's less defensive.

I just find it nifty that I found her doing that.

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murnkay and I are having e-mail difficulties. So we're going to converse here. Hi Monkey! Re: last e-mails: Yes, we're fuckin' nuts for doing this move. And yeah, send that thing, but wait til June!
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