April 28th, 2004


Happy Wednesday!

Hello to new reader tovahn!

Thank you! Not only is it encouraging, but your questions help clarify the points I need to cover; this story has been in my brain for a long time, so I want to be certain that I'm communicating it to other people adequately.

CafePress does publishing.

If I'm going to be writing short stories - and it seems that I am, at least a bit - I could sell collections through CafePress.

Any writers have any opinions on this? Ever heard of CafePress doing Bad Things?

I was almost late to work today, just dicking around and putting images on things. I only have the Julia-and-Tiala one up so far, the one this icon is cropped from, only on a babydoll tee, a mug, and a journal, because I want those. That's got "DragonCon 2002" on the bottom, though. m0usegrrl, can you take that off the T-shirt designs and send them to me for uploading, pretty please? Would be a good way for you to make a few bucks, too.

One-track mind
Yes, it's all writing all the time these days. I'm getting unblocked. Bear with me.

Aaaaand that's all that's in my brain now, kthxbye.
Writing - XanaDuMalion

D*Con ponderings

The very idea of going to DragonCon as a guest... my brain rejects it. Because who the hell am I? I'm just zis girl. I don't *do* anything. I'm going to have a Shayara preview published in Shooting Star Comics Anthology later this year, but not til after the con. Other than that, I'm LJ-semifamous just for being LJ-semifamous. Like Pia Zadora. If she had an LJ.

Arisia was different; it was a small con. alphafenris suggested that I could be a panelist - but Arisia's panels were only a few dozen people. DragonCon is st00pid hy00ge.

Plus, happypete took over and shanghaied me into the Arisia panels!

And I thought of doing a reading, but immediately abolished that thought, because what if I stumble over my words?

So. I dunno. I feel like I ought to do something public - because dammit, one way or another, comics or short stories/novels or memoirs, I am going to be published and people are going to read what I have to say, dammit. Do not disbelieve that for an instant. I am a stubborn little bitch.

So I ought to practice.

But I'm shy.

EDIT: And indirectly speaking of which, it baffles me that there are two people in shayara that have shayara listed as their only "friend", which would imply that they're on LJ just to be on shayara, which is freakin' weird because I never bloody well post anything there.

I should post something there. No idea what, though.
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Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

Oh my fuck.

I just used the word "decoupage" in a sentence. And not a sentence in which I mocked Martha Stewart. I just talked about decoupaging.

Somebody shoot me.

I think I need an "I am NOT a girl!!!" icon.

I still blame Master.

More poll answers!

deyaniera -- For those of us not on your Blog-a-Thon sponsors filter, is there a way to get the good stuff you've been putting up there? :)

Yes! Donate money to The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. Forward me your e-mail confirmation, and I will gladly add you to the filter.

twisteddaydream -- You said in a comment that you want to publish Shayara as a comic, but would you ever publish your stories from the comic after the comic is published?

Modified to prose? I don't know that there'd be a market for de-picture-fied versions orf the comics, but if there was, I don't see why not.

i_descend -- I dreamed about Fenris last night. Does this mean I'm crazy?

I don't think so - but I hope it means I'm doing a good job. :)

scathedobsidian -- Is this going somewhere, like Babylon Five, or is the future of the story dynamic?

Oh, it's going somewhere. We have a lot of time to work with in between, but there's a definite outline, and I already know exactly what the final page is going to be.

avivasedai -- Are there voices who haven't really spoken up yet? They've been with you a while; who has yet to be fully fleshed out?

There are plenty of voices that you guys haven't heard! As for me... I have over 150 characters here. They're mostly tertiary, but whenever I take a good hard look at any one of them, I begin to see underpinnings, interconnections. Hell, a year or two agao, Fenris was a cardboard cutout of a guy; it wasn't til I looked that I "discovered" that he was actually Capri's birth father, etc.

gothwalk -- Would you ever consider releasing or selling novel, film, or TV series rights?

Well, if there's a novel, I'm writing it. As for the others... I'd like to say "not unless I maintain creative control", because the idea of other people fucking with my story makes me all twitchy, but realistically - if they wave a sizeable check in my face - I'm not rich.

I dunno.

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