April 27th, 2004


Happy Tuesday!

Happy birthday to gallowglass and nomadmwe!

Hello to new readers ceal, chibininja, fool_in_spirit, rhapsody_98, sparkfrost, velvetsteel, and anyone else who added me after Joule ran. As per usual, I blame theferrett.

Okay, seriously.
Nobody wants to offer feedback on the Shayara prologue? Because I got only two comments, but the comments were "Awesome" and "Dude, this is right up there with Hesiod in terms of badass cosmogonies!", so I have to believe it doesn't entirely suck. Plus I hint at something that avid Shayara readers have been asking about.

Constructive criticism is feedback, too. If it sucks, tell me why.

I have writing time tonight, hypothetically, so I'll be able to get into the voice of Lara (who will, thousands of years later, be part of Donna), Our Gentle Narrator. And then there will be more storiness.

No comments on the Fenris/Jessa thing, either.

Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine.

Wedding Themes</a>
So yendi and I were discussing our wedding... I'd had the idea of naming the tables for Charles de Lint books. He countered with Justic League characters; I countered with X-Men. And then he hit upon Dragaeran Houses. A brief spat about our table name ensued - withere it should be Yendi-Dragon or Dragon-Yendi. We've decided that my family will be at the Teckla table.

Now yendi says that the part of the wedding he's looking forward to the most is the "Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?", so he can reply with, "I have been waiting for nothing else for four years!"

(No, we're not really going to do this.)


(If we do something like this, it'll more likely be Dasaroi Houses.)

Poll Answers

About Shayara... I see this was unclear. Shayara's the comic book I'm writing. There were questions asked that I think were about Elayna. :)

Shayara ones first!

imortalscot -- Is a timeline available?

I have my timeline, which is of course chock full of spoilers. A spoiler-free timeline for the benefit of the reader is a worthy idea.

aussie_nyc -- When is that in-print thing happening? Can I get a signed copy?

This fall, provided m0usegrrl gets settled in and drawing in time to have the pages to seanhtaylor in June. And yes.

reprobayt -- Have you decided if you will do anything for DragonCon?

Well, the issue of Shooting Star won't be out yet, so there's not really anything to do; we have no product!

brother_bliss -- Will the Lishaya show in the flesh?


blky -- When will we see an addition to the Shayara webpage? :)

Ai! That page needs a total overhaul. I hate frames. Anyone wanna volunteer to be my web designer?

I *do* have more stuff to put up there...

I think these are about Elayna.

theindiequeen -- What is her favorite song?

That changes so often... but right now, it's "Matilda" by Harry Belafonte.

josephgrossberg -- Do you think she'll want to know who her birth father is?

I've told her that his name is Layne and that he's not a part of our lives; I can elaborate more later. She's not unduly focused on it.

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Bridal registries are so girly.

The stuff they want you to put on bridal registries is so girly. I wish there was a way to conduct a search of the site that wouldn't show any products that have flowers on 'em. Nothing foofy. Foofy bath rugs, even.

And nothing pastel.


On the bright side - and I swear I'm not being paid to say this - weddingchannel.com is fucking awesome, I'm doing the guestlist there and working with the checklist and budget planning thingie... and yeah, yendi, they have our registry up! So if you know our names you can go there and look it up, though there's not much on it yet.

EDIT: And re: the $369 mixer - don't look at me. He registered for the mixer. The only kitchen stuff I put on there was the bakeware. Because I actually bake.

Also. Good words to hear from one's department chair: "Wow! That was efficient. You want some coffee?"

My business cards at my old job listed my job description as "Administrative Demigoddess".

No, I'm not kidding.

I can't believe I miss property management.

Also, I'm feeling very Master's-little-girl today. Bratty sub. ladytabitha: DOOOOOM!

More answers

Because I'm bored off my ass.

daonnan -- when can we go?

Dude. I so wish.

thevault -- Who's your favorite character and why?

That changes! I tend to be madly in love with whoever I'm currently concentrating on. Right now, Tiala. Before that - and still Up There - Fenris and Jessamyn. I even love the character who's going to destroy the utopia that Shayara was in the beginning.

And I love different characters for different reasons. Napalm is witty and hella cute and fun, but I love him because of his heart; he's got more love in him than almost anyone. I love Alanna in her fitful rages and fragility, I love Katrianna in her silence, Shawn in his innocence, Fenris in his broken heart and feral nature.

I have too many favorites!

phinnia -- Is long hair on men a cultural thing there or is it just because long hair on guys is sexy? (Or alternatively, yes). I noticed a lot of xana's drawings of men were longhaired. Coincidence?

Hee! I just find long hair on men really hot. It's not a cultural thing.

X'Ana tends to draw the guys very bishounen (pretty), we had to work harder on Halloran and Fenris to get them manly Though that doesn't preclude long hair; witness Fenris.

Just. Yeah. Hot. *daydreams*


daonnan -- how is the lamictal trating you, I might go back on

I'm doing okay these days! I have my appetite back for the most part, and I'm only rarely having the vertigo.

thevault -- If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? :D

You know it, darlin'. :)

phinnia -- Where's the best place to start reading Charles De Lint?

Dreams Underfoot, his first short story collection.


Casting call!

And now I have two warring images in my mind: Batman porn and Invader Zim porn. No, this is not a crossover.

Just... Gir in a leather harness thingie... "I obey, Master!"

(and I just know I'm gonna end up doing that, the Gir voice, to volta and after he stops laughing he's gonna beat my ass for impertinence...)
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Last one.

I've unlocked "Amy", so all y'all can read that... now I'm going to bed. I think I've unleashed enough writing-type stuffs on y'all tonight.