April 8th, 2004


Happy Thursday!

Happy birthday to my beloved yendi! :)

Happy early birthday to the following people, who all advance a year over the weekend: cissa, cloakofwinter, drakkar, feedle, subtle_shadow, and yakavenger!

Hello to new readers katiataylor, padmaclynne, and rauook!

I gave him the new Y: The Last Man trade paperback and Futurama: Season 2. Sethra Lavode by Steven Brust is on its way. :)

And my parents, for once, rocked - they bought him the DVDs that had been stolen. :)

volta, I didn't give him your gifts, of course...

13 hours, 14 minutes til volta gets here. :)

Today is my Friday.
So I'm going to do my Friday three today. You are encouraged to play along at home.

Tangent - wouldn't "Bonus Round" be a good band name? Has anyone taken that one yet? This merits research.

Short-sleeved black t-shirt - and a long crinkly broomstick skirt, all patchworky-different-colors, but mostly reds. Yes, I do occasionally wear skirts. Garnet earrings. My panties say "honey sweet", and my socks have skinny cows on them.

At lunch - wedding magazines! At home - Seized, by Eve LaPlante, and Emerald Magic, and anthology of Irish fantasy.

At lunchtime - a trip to the Women's Center, if dark_blade is up to it, and a visit to the Carlos Museum to see if it fits my requirements for a wedding & reception site. Tonight, just hanging out with my guys and my kid; rest of the weekend, Fantasm, except for the Great Big Sea concert tomorrow night!


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Boston People!

kimeepower says: "This is terribly short notice but I have 2 tickets to the PawSox (Pawtucket RedSox - Triple A team) for TONIGHT. Really awesome Box seats, 6 rows from field! I don't have anyone to go with me."

Contact her if you want to go!
Starfire/Don't mess with me


I want to kill everybody at Coca-Cola University today.

Except demetria23 and her friends. And jet_li_wannabe. And mightywombat's parents. yendi's home so he won't be in the blast radius.

And. AND. I want to kill the fucking Girl Scout troop leader for

a. not informing us that the annual Father/Daughter dance was on March 27, and
b. lying about it.

I said: "I hear that the Father/Daughter Dance was in March! Why didn't we get the information on this?"

She said: "We sent home a notice on the activities for till last meeting in May, with camping permission slip and a list of things to bring. On the calendar it showed the correct date for the dance. [co-leader] should have or is going to give out invitations. Dance April 18 at the school."

I said, cc'ed to yendi: "No... the father/daughter dance was on March 27th, according to [Service Unit Director]'s website. I don't know why we're having a separate one - but why weren't we informed of the official one? My fiance will be out of town this weekend, and this is Elayna's favorite girl scout event of the year.
The invitation [co-leader] sent home said April 17. Is it now April 18? If it is,
perhaps [Yendi] can rush his trip."

I. Have. Fucking. Had. It. I am filing a formal complaint, in writing, with the service unit and with the national office. The cookie idiocy was enough. This - this is more than enough. This is Elayna being denied the chance to have her annual "date" with her daddy because this troop leader is a fucking moronic cuntrag.

*pant* *pant*

Furious much? Yes. Yes, I am. I'm so damn sick of this. I'm going to ask the service unit director if there's a troop with a competent leader anywhere nearby that would meet on evenings or weekends. If not, she's going to be a Juliette next year. I'm not dealing with this shit anymore.

Oh, and have I mentioned that the girls have only earned one try-it this year? What the fuck are they doing over there? No dances. No other activities. No projects - witness the Thinking Day travesty.

I am so done with this.

More on the Coca-Cola U stuff later; I'm meeting dark_blade downstairs in a few minutes.
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I haven't read my friends page since noon today, and I shan't be reading it until Monday morning. If you need me, e-mail me; if it's urgent, e-mail yendi. Otherwise, you can just comment here if you have any posts that you'd specifically like me to read when I get back.

Bye! :)